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Products & Publications



Go to:How to Estimate Forest Carbon for Large Areas from Inventory Data by James E. Smith, Linda S. Heath, and Peter B. Woodbury

Go to:GTR-NE-319Comprehensive Database of Diameter-based Biomass Regressions for North American Tree Species by Jennifer C. Jenkins, David C. Chojnacky, Linda S. Heath, & Richard A. Birdsey (Accompanying Tables)

Go to:Carbon in United States Forests and Wood Products, 1987-1997: State-by-State Estimates
by Richard A. Birdsey & George M. Lewis

Go to:The Potential of U.S. Forest Soils to Sequester Carbon and Mitigate the Greenhouse Effect.
by John M. Kimble, Rattan Lal, Richard Birdsey & Linda S. Heath.
Catalog #L1583, September 2002.
Lewis Publishers, Boca Raton, 2002.
ISBN 1-5667-0583-5
Go to:Responses of Northern U.S. Forests to Environmental Change
by Robert A. Mickler, Richard A. Birdsey, & John Hom.
Ecological Studies Volume 139.
Springer Verlag, New York 2000.
ISBN 0-387-98900-5