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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station
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Forest Growth and Yield: Estimates and Models

# 28 Management Intensity Demonstrations
  • Objective:
    To develop stocking and stand tables and growth and yield estimates per silvicultural program.
  • Objective:
    To develop stocking and stand tables and to develop growth and yield estimates for spruce-fir dominated areas of the compartment management study (also catalog# 29).
  • Objective:
    To determine natural (unmanaged) growth rates and yields.
  • Objective:
    1) To identify studies which have had growth data collected and determine their suitability for use in development or verification of growth prediction models.
    2) Organize and summarize the data to insure compatibility among studies.
    3) Schedule maintenance of stand records which may be of further value.
  • Objective:
    1) To compare the effects of growth and yield of various crop tree treatments with standard area-wide thinning.
    2) To define the optimum number of crop trees per acre to maximize the value yield of non-crop trees.
    3) To determine whether or not regulation of stand density is important and if so, how to achieve it under the crop-tree approach to gain maximum growth and yield.
  • Objective:
    To determine the effect of individual tree selection cutting on stand growth and yield, species composition, and economics of even-age mixed oak forests of southeastern Ohio.
  • Objective:
    1) To study upland oak in its southernmost range.
    2) To demonstrate the proper techniques in thinning southern Appalachian hardwoods.
    3) To demonstrate real world tests of existing growth and yield predictors.


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