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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station
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Seed Source: Association with Tree Growth or Production

# 3 Southern Appalachian White Pine Seed Source Study
  • Objective:
    1) To determine the sources of white pine that are best adapted to growing on poor hardwood sites in West Virginia.
    2) To determine the possible existence and nature of genetic variation in southern Appalachian eastern white pine.
  • Objective:
    1) To evaluate growth and survival of black walnut collection from 34 families.
    2) To produce genetically-improved walnut seed suited to growing in conditions on the Shawnee, Hoosier, Wayne, and Monongalia National Forests.
  • Objective:
    To evaluate growth and survival of white ash collected from 45 geographic sources.
  • Objective:
    1) To determine the nature and extent of genetic variation within and between provenances throughout the range of sugar maple.
    2) To compare juvenile and mature performance within provenances.
  • Objective:
    To compare survival, height growth, d.b.h. growth, and other stem characteristics of half-sib black cherry seedlings originating from "good", "average", and "poor" phenotypes.
  • Objective:
    To determine the total viable seed rain falling over a range of conditions in the northern hardwood forest.


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