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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station
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Forest Management Practices: Effects on Northern Hardwood Forest Types

# 23 Compartment Managed Group Selection Study
  • Objective:
    To study the development of a stand following clear cutting in small patches.
  • Objective:
    To evaluate tree growth response to different silvicultural treatments and varying stand structure.
  • Objective:
    To determine the effects of silvicultural systems and or management programs on: 1) growth and yield in cubic feet and basal area, 2) species composition in percent, 3) quality of growing stock as related to volume in cull trees, 4) stand structure as expressed by diameter-class distribution, and 5) regeneration by stocking percent and numbers per acre.
  • Objective:
    To determine whether cultural treatments can reduce spruce sawlog rotation age.


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