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 Northern Global Change Research Program
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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station
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  • Objective:
    To study serial changes in vegetation.
  • Objective:
    To describe changes in tree reproduction, shrubs, and herbs in the Tionesta Area caused by changes in overstory density, deer browsing, and other factors.
  • Objective:
    To determine natural (unmanaged) growth rates and yields.
  • Objective:
    To identify the soil, stand, and environmental variables that affect 1) the capacity of Allegheny hardwood stands to produce wood, 2) the quantity of advanced regeneration in normally stocked stands, and 3) the quantity of ferns and grasses present in uncut stands.
  • Objective:
    To determine weather effects on growth and yield of mature oak stands.
  • Objective:
    To monitor growth and quality changes in mature oak-hickory stands.


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