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 Northern Global Change Research Program
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Deer: Management as Associated with Forest Reproduction Management

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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station
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  • Objective:

  • To describe changes in tree reproduction, shrubs, and herbs in the Tionesta Area caused by changes in overstory density, deer browsing, and other factors.
#44 Effect of Aerial Fertilization on Regeneration Stocking
  • Objective:

  • 1) To provide a vivid demonstration of the effects of fertilization on growth and development of young regeneration obtained after harvest cutting.
    2) To assess the impact of fertilization on production of wildlife browse and its crude protein content.
    3) To assess the impact on deer day usage.
    4) To determine the degree of nutrient movement into stream water and its effect on stream fauna.
#45 Effect of Fern Competition and Deer Browsing on Allegheny Hardwood Seedlings After Shelterwood Cutting
  • Objective:

  • To determine the effect of fern interference and deer browsing on the establishment survival, and growth of Allegheny hardwood seedlings under two shelterwood cutting situations: a) a previously thinned stand now ready for the first cut (seed cut) of a shelterwood sequence; and b) a stand that has previously received the seed cut of a shelterwood and is now ready for final harvest.
# 48 Porters' Prize Study
  • Objective:

  • 1) To determine whether intensive forest cutting within a compartment can reduce deer impact on forest regeneration.
    2) To determine the impact of intensive forest cutting within a compartment on herbaceous plant and songbird diversity.
#50 Effect of Deer Population Levels on Natural Regeneration of Allegheny Hardwoods
  • Objective:

  • 1) To determine the average deer density which will allow natural regeneration of desirable Allegheny hardwood timber species at adequate levels in stands managed under even-aged silviculture.
    2) To determine the effects of known herd-size on browse-use over a range of regeneration conditions in Allegheny Plateau cherry-maple stands.
    3) To determine if average deer weight varies significantly over a range of conditions other than deer density that affect regeneration in Allegheny Plateau cherry-maple stands.
#67 Undergrowth and Small Mammal Response to Overstory Stocking Levels (Undergrowth Project - Vegetation)
  • Objective:

  • To describe undergrowth response to overstory thinning and deer browsing, and to describe small mammal habitat relationships.
#68 Undergrowth Project (Wildlife)
  • Objective:

  • 1) To manage forest undergrowth for diversity and abundance of wildlife.
    2) To describe undergrowth and small mammal response to overstory thinning and deer browsing.


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