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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station

Catalog #83

Small Mammal Study
1) To study the relationship between gypsy moth and white-footed mouse. 
2) To study the density and diversity of the white-footed mouse in relation to habitat.
Terminated in 1994.
Bryant Mountain near Salisbury, VT. Slope was divided into 3 gradients according to the resistance to potential gypsy moth defoliation. In 1978, the stands were 65 to 86 year old mixed hardwoods, chiefly oak, hickory and black birch.
3 1.44-hectare plots were established along an altitudinal gradient. Within each plot, 49 flagged stations were established on a 15 m grid and used as reference points for trapping small mammals. One Sherman live trap was at each station and one pitfall tap was at every other station to sample small mammal populations. Plots were designed according to susceptibility to defoliation by gypsy moths. 
1) resistant plot of lower slope 210 m. 
2) intermediate plot of midslope 241 m. 
3) susceptible plot on ridge 341 m.
100% if located by the original scientist.
None besides natural defoliation from gypsy moths.
A 5-day census was taken twice during June and July each year.
Independent: Gypsy moth habitat. 

Dependent: white-footed mouse headcount through mark and recapture: 1979 to 1994.

Data was entered into computer programs that have automated error-checkers.
raw and summarized on DG in ASCII.
Studies of Ecosystem Processes
Smith, H.R. 1985. Wildlife and the gypsy moth. The Wildlife Society Bulletin 13: 166-174.
Harvey Smith (203) 773-2021 / Phyllis Grinberg (610) 557-4219, USDA Forest Service, 51 Mill Pond Rd., Hamden CT 06514. 



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