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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station

Catalog #82

IES - Gypsy Moth Plot Tree Records
To assess the role of habitat differentiation in gypsy moth population dynamics - (focal area).
partially continuing
4 sites: Pachaug State Forest North Stonington, CT. 
Otis AFB, MA. 
Bryant Mountain, Salisbury, VT. 
Harvard Black Rock Forest, Cornwall, NY.
4 states: 
VT:15 banded plots and 15 unbanded plots. 
NY:15 banded plots and 35 unbanded plots. 
MA:16 banded plots and 21 unbanded plots. 
CT: 16 banded plots and 16 unbanded plots.
None besides natural defoliation from gypsy moths.
Bryant Mountain, Vermont was monitored from 1983 to 1991 while other sites were disbanded before 1991. Vegetation was data collected once and updated periodically. Except for wing measurements, the same variables were measured for the life of the study.
All stages of the gypsy moth: 
Egg mass: pre-hatch counts: 1985-1988. post-hatch counts: 1984-1987. measurements: 1984-1988. 
Lab egg oviposition: 1982-1987. 
Larval count: 1984-1988. 
Pupal tally - low density: 1984-1988. 
Pupal tally - high density counts: 1984-1988.

Vegetation: tree sp., d.b.h., height, canopy height, basal area in square meters: 1984.

proofread data before and after computer data entry. Proofread output analyses (charts and graphs) for trends.
Raw data resides on the Data General computer both in ASCII format and in the Oracle database. All of the data, including summaries, is located at the USDA Forest Service in Hamden, CT. The information will be transferred to the new Forest Service computer platform during fiscal year 1998.
Studies of Ecosystem Processes
none to date
William Wallner (203) 230-4335 / Phyllis Grinberg (610) 557-4219 /, USDA Forest Service, 51 Mill Pond Rd., Hamden CT 06514.
Clive Jones, Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Box AB, Millbrook NY 12545. (914) 677-5343.

Joseph Elkinton, Department of Entomology, Fernald Hall, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003. (413) 545-4816.

Bruce Parker, Entomology Research Laboratory, P.O. Box 53400, University of Vermont, Burlington VT 05405. (802) 656-5440.



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