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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station

Catalog #76

Air Quality Monitoring
To continually measure ambient air quality in forested areas of West Virginia based upon parameters measured by the National Dry Deposition Network.
expected to continue
USDA Forest Service Timber and Watershed Research Lab, Parsons, WV; Monongahela National Forest, Bearden Knob - Canaan Heights, WV.
Paired watershed approach with 2 recording stations at separate locations. 
NOTE: substudies may include more or fewer weather recording stations.
Substudies include varying degrees of treatment to the forests located on the monitored watersheds.
Ambient air monitoring equipment were used and operation of equipment was checked weekly. O3 analyzer, SO2 analyzer, and NOx analyzer were among the special equipment used.
National Dry Deposition Network (NDDN) data collected: site, date, time, precipitation (inches), wind direction (0 to 360 deg), wind speed (meters/second), temperature (degC), relative humidity (%), ozone (ppb), solar radiation (Watt/meter squared). Additional data collected included sulfur dioxide (ppb), nitrogen oxide (ppb), and nitrous oxides (ppb).
US EPA procedures followed for ozone analyzer.
Current raw and summarized data are stored on 9-track tape. The DG which can output to ASCII is used as backup.
Studies of Ecosystem Processes
Model Development and Application
Adams, Mary Beth; Kochenderfer, James N.; Edwards, Pamela J.; Angradi, Theodore. 1993. Research on acidic deposition and other air pollutants at the Fernow Experimental Forest. In: Keller, E.C., Jr., ed. Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science. Vol. 65(1); 1993 April 3; Davis and Elkins College, Elkins, WV. Huntington, WV: Marshall University Printing Services: 1. Abstract.

Lefohn, Allen S.; Edwards, Pamela J.; Adams, Mary Beth. 1994. The characterization of ozone exposures in rural West Virginia and Virginia. Journal of Air and Waste Management Association. 44: 1276-1283.

Edwards, P.J.; Wood, F.; Kochenderfer, J.N. 1991. Characterization of ozone during consecutive drought and wet years at a rural West Virginia site. Journal of Air and Waste Management Association 41: 1450-1453.

Mary Beth Adams, USDA Forest Service, P.O. Box 404, Parsons, WV. 26287. (304) 478-2000.
Monongahela National Forest - Bearden Knob



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