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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station

Catalog #60

Individual Tree Selection Study
To determine the effect of individual tree selection cutting on stand growth and yield, species composition, and economics of even-age mixed oak forests of southeastern Ohio.
expected to continue
Vinton Furnace Experimental Forest south of McArthur, OH. Approximately 39 deg. 11.5 min N lat., 82 deg. 24 min. W. long. Elevation ranges 800' to 900'. Before cutting in 1958, forest was covered with an even-age, mixed oak type of the Central Hardwood Forests, also referred to as the oak-hickory type. The stands contained a relatively uniform, well stocked overstory and a fairly dense understory. White oak, black oak, scarlet oak, chestnut oak, post oak, and red oak comprised ~94% of the sawtimber trees. The remainder were yellow-poplar, pitch pine, and hickory. The most numerous species in the understory were sourwood and dogwood, but white oak, black oak, scarlet oak, chestnut oak, red maple, black gum, hickory, sassafras, and other species also existed.
Vinton Furnace Experimental Forest. 2 adjacent tracts: 1) The selection tract is on a 21-acre minor drainage and 2) the shelterwood tract comprises the 15.5-acre minor drainage.
Selection tract: 500 board ft/acre was removed: 1957, maintained thereafter. 
Shelterwood tract: 66% of the basal area and 50% of the net sawtimber volume were removed: 1958. 
D.b.h. measurements: 1956, 1962, 1977, 1982, 1988, 1989, 1990. 
Cut to a "q" of 1.3 with max d.b.h. of 24: 1990.
For both tracts: Inventory of the overstory (pole-sized and sawtimber trees): 1958, 1963. Inventory of reproduction (stems per acre, frequency): 1960, 1962.
Field data are verified when entered into computer. Field crews were trained by experienced field personnel.
Available data are maintained in an ORACLE database (SASQUATCH) according to the following categories: study description, stand density plot data, plot history, plot summaries, ingrowth summaries, plot treatments, species descriptions, ecological data, size of opening data. Hardcopy of some tally sheets are maintained in file cabinets.
Studies of Ecosystem Processes 
Landscape Scale Studies
Work plan. 1960. Russell Walters. 
Amendment to the Work plan. 1960. Russell Walters. 
Establishment report. 1960. Russell Walters. 
The above are office reports of U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, Delaware, OH.
Dan Yaussy, USDA Forest Service, 359 Main Road, Delaware, OH 43015. (740) 368-0093



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