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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station

Catalog #51

Maintenance of Growth and Yield Measurement Plots
1) To identify studies which have had growth data collected and determine their suitability for use in development or verification of growth prediction models.
2) Organize and summarize the data to insure compatibility among studies. 
3) Schedule maintenance of stand records which may be of further value.
Studies included in this compilation are located in the Allegheny National Forest, Kane Experimental Forest and like forested areas in the northeastern US where upland hardwoods dominate. See specific studies for further information.
All studies that had growth data collected suitable for use in development or verification of growth prediction models are chosen to include in this compilation. Statistical designs for specific studies vary from Randomized Complete Block to very structured plot distribution. See specific studies for further information.
Studies included in this compilation contained treatments that range from several types of silvicultural cuttings and herbicide and fertilizer usage to no treatments in the case of control areas. See specific studies for further information.
A summary sheet for each study included in this compilation is prepared to show location, original purpose, periods of measurement, measurements taken, treatments applied as well as any other general information about each study. A separate summary sheet is prepared for each plot in a study that contains individual tree measurements or stand tallies. If appropriate, plots are relocated and marked on the ground and then reinventoried. Also, a schedule for remeasurement and maintenance is developed for continuing studies. The data from these studies is computerized in a standard format which facilitates individual tree and stand growth parameter calculations.
Raw data are stored in 3 modes: 1) 100% cruise with data collected as a dot tally of plot by species and diameter class, 2) 100% cruise with individual tree data recorded, and 3) stand table data. All data are converted to and represented in the computer memory as a stand table using 1" diameter classes on a per acre basis. The data stored will create a data base that can be tapped for the purpose of developing growth and yield models. 
File folders for each stand contain the summary sheet, the field data tally sheets, maps, the computer data file listing, and the computer generated stand tables and summary. A master index of all stands that have been entered into the system is used for scheduling maintenance on the study plots.
Data are checked against previous data collection period. Computer data entry is proofed against field sheets. A Polycorder is used to collect data from the field and usually printouts are checked for accuracy before entering data into the computer. 
Raw data by plot reside on DG and tally sheets are kept with written instructions and detailed maps to each stand. Annually, the raw data are transformed using the REGEN1 program in DG Info. System. Summarized data by plot and by stand reside in a DG-based program that can output to ASCII text files.
Studies of Ecosystem Processes
each request is reviewed
Study plan. 1991. Richard Ernst. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, Warren, PA.
Susan Stout, USDA, Forest Service, P.O. Box 267, Irvine PA 16329. (814) 563-1040
Allegheny National Forest, PA.



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