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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station

Catalog #45

Effect of Fern Competition and Deer Browsing on Allegheny Hardwood Seedlings After Shelterwood Cutting
To determine the effect of fern interference and deer browsing on the establishment survival and growth of Allegheny hardwood seedlings under two shelterwood cutting situations: a) a previously-thinned stand now ready for the first cut (seed cut) of a shelterwood sequence; and b) a stand that has previously received the seed cut of a shelterwood sequence and is now ready for final harvest.
The study was set up in 2 stands on the land of Hammermill Paper Company. The first stand, representing a first cut of a 2-cut shelterwood, is on the Smethport district and the second stand, representing the final cut of a 2-cut shelterwood, is located on the Coudersport district. Both stands had abundant herbaceous cover over virtually 100% of each site. The Smethport stand and about half of the Coudersport stand were covered with hay scented fern. The remainder of the Coudersport stand supports a dense growth of short husk grass.
20 Randomized Blocks each containing 3 6'-radius plots, representing fenced, fenced weeded, and control (no treatment) treatments. The plots on Coudersport areas are still identifiable.
A portion of the overstory on the Smethport site was marked and removed just after study plots were designated in July 1975. The Couldersport district site was thinned to 50% basal area about 1969. All vegetation in all plots were tallied during the summer of 1975 before cutting and weeded plots were weeded (1975) . Ten black cherry seedlings were marked with plastic tags for height measurements. Cutting: Smethport - July 1975; Coudersport - winter 1975-76. Hand weeding of appropriate plots was done several times during the summer of 1975 and will continue for the duration of the experiments at required intervals. Plot centers were marked and fencing was erected after cutting: August 1975. The area on the Smethport District was sprayed with herbicides and clear-cut in 1990.
All vegetation on each plot was recorded by species, abundance and height at the time of installation (July 1975) and annually thereafter.
Independent: deer browsing, interference from fern or grass, shelterwood cuttings. 
Dependent: survival of seedlings by size class, and mean height (to the nearest millimeter) of the 10 black cherry seedlings: autumn 1975,1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980. 
General Sources of Variation: soil-site, light exposure, small mammal damage.
Data are proofed after field collection and data entry. Data collection supervised by permanent employees.
Raw data by plot reside on DG and tally sheets are kept with written instructions and detailed maps to each stand. Annually, the raw data are transformed using the REGEN1 program in DG Info. System. Summarized data by plot and by stand reside in a DG-based program that can output to ASCII text files.
Studies of Ecosystem Processes
Study plan. 1975. David Marquis and Stephen Horsley.
Establishment and Progress report. 1977. Virgil Flick. 
Progress report. 1978. Virgil Flick. 

The above are office reports of U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, Warren, PA.

Horsley, S.B.; Marquis, D.A. 1983. Interference by weeds and deer with Allegheny hardwood reproduction. Can. J. For. Res. 13: 61-64.

Stephen Horsley, USDA, Forest Service, P.O. Box 267, Irvine, PA. 16329. (814) 563-1040
Hammermil Paper Co.



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