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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station

Catalog #40

Fertilization Tests with Allegheny Hardwoods
To establish the growth response obtainable from fertilization and the time duration that treatments affect production.
Allegheny National Forest, PA.
24 0.5-acre plots surrounded by a 40' buffer zone. Plots are separated by each other by a minimum distance of 100'. Study is replicated at 6 independent locations.
Fertilizers were applied to 18 0.5-acre plots. 6 0.5-acre plots acting as control. 6 levels of n, 6 levels of NP, and 6 levels of NPK were applied treated plots at the rate of one level of treatment per plot.
Basal area was determined annually from band dendrometers installed on all study trees. Foliage from selected individuals on each plot is sampled annually for nutrient content determinations and changes in dry weight associated with the different treatments.
Independent: control, N300, N300 + P200, N300 + P200 + K100. 
Co-variates are 1) basal area, and 2) species composition.

Dependent: basal area growth (per acre, average by species, individual tree). 
Individual tree d.b.h.: 1971 to 1977 annually.

Data were field checked and data-entry into computer was 100% cross checked with field sheets.
Raw data by plot reside on DG and tally sheets are kept with written instructions and detailed maps to each stand. 
Annually, the raw data are transformed using the REGEN1 program in DG Info. System. Summarized data by plot and by stand reside in a DG-based program that can output to ASCII text files.
Studies of Ecosystem Processes
Work plan. 1971. Lew Auchmoody. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, Warren, PA.
Susan Stout, USDA, Forest Service, P.O. Box 267, Irvine PA 16329. (814) 563-1040
Allegheny National Forest, PA.



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