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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station

Catalog #30

Timber Management Units
To develop stocking and stand tables and to develop growth and yield estimates for spruce-fir dominated areas of the compartment management study (catalog# 29).
expected to continue
Penobscot Experimental Forest, Bradley, ME. USGS 15-min series topo Orono ME Quadrangle. UL: 4969400mN 528800mE or 44deg, 48min,30 sec by 68deg,34min,00sec. LR: 4961300mN 534900mE or 44deg, 52min, 45sec by 68deg, 37min, 30sec. 
The study area is predominantly northern coniferous stands with perhaps 4 specific forest types represented in any appreciable area.
Randomized design.
Extensive selective improvement operations to maintain a state of readiness for future research.
Trees > or = 4.5" d.b.h. are sampled on 0.2-acre plots. Trees 0.5" d.b.h to <4.5" d.b.h. are sampled on 0.05-acre plots. Total of 506 acres in the treated area.
The following were collected 1951-65 and continuing before and after treatment every 10 years thereafter. 
Growth = basal area and cubic feet; condition of stand; average d.b.h.; tree size: sapling = 0.5" d.b.h. to <4.5" d.b.h., merchantable = >4.5" d.b.h.+, unmerchantable = >4.5" d.b.h.+; 
Mortality and its cause (spruce budworm, uproot, breakage, suppression, other).
Visual check of raw data and the use of error-checking computer programs. Field check plots were maintained.
~5 mbytes on PC, paper, and diskettes.
Studies of Ecosystem Processes
each request is reviewed
misc. summary reports usually for tours. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, Orono, ME.
John Brissette / Laura Kenefic, USDA Forest Service, P.O. Box 640, Durham, NH 03824. (603) 868-7632



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