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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station

Catalog #24

Permanent Sample Plots for Baseline Vegetation Monitoring Plots in New Hampshire and Vermont
To study serial changes in vegetation.
expected to continue
Bowl Research Natural Area in the town of Waterville, NH. level uniformly sloping area. 
Areas disturbed by human intervention no less than 200 years ago. 
Elevation: ~1950' 
Old-growth forests (>200 years) located on fine till and fine sandy loam soil derived from granite drift.
2 1000-meters squared plots will be located in an area void of boundaries (e.g., roads) documented on USGS topographic quadrangles or other readily available maps.
To be determined
To be determined
~5-yr. intervals. 
Vegetation Transects: 44.7m 
Total Veg: understory <13.5" tall classified by species; saplings <9.95cm c.b..h and > 13.7cm tall by species; trees >9.95 cm d.b.h. will be marked.
Corner posts of plots will be marked with PVC pipe in ground. Plots will be 100-400m from one of the corners of the first plot.
summarized on disc using Supercard software.
Studies of Ecosystem Processes
none to date.
Dave Funk, USDA Forest Service, P.O. Box 640, Durham NH 03824. (603) 868-7656



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