Statistical Data on Forest Fund of Russia and Changing of Forest Productivity in the Second Half of XX Century


V.A. Alexeyev, M.V. Markov, R.A. Birdsey


Published by the Saint-Petersburg Forest Ecological Center, 2004. 272 Pages (English and Russian).


Russian stocked forests comprise 771 million hectares and contain approximately 120 Petagrams of carbon.  This is approximately 20% of the world’s total forest area and carbon in forest ecosystems.   Knowledge of how this vast area of land is changing and will change in the future is of paramount importance in understanding and managing the global carbon cycle.


This new compilation of historical statistical data on Russian forests includes the official inventory information on areas and growing stock of forests for the period 1961-1998, compiled from the published State Forest Fund Accounts for 71 administrative regions of Russia.  This extensive data set has never before been collected and printed in one book.  Much of this information has been unavailable except for official use in Russia.  Author’s analysis of data revealed different occasional and systematic errors in published estimates.  The analysis revealed trends in forest productivity, and some of the causes of observed changes, including the influence of Global Change.  The inventory data suggest that the temporal dynamics of stand productivity depend upon many biotic and abiotic factors. The contributing factors and intensity of influence of each of them, as well as their aggregate influence, are different in the various administrative regions of Russia. This book is a valuable resource for anyone studying or reporting about Russian forests, forest productivity, and the global carbon cycle.


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