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Spatial Data Services
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National FIA
Spatial Data Services

Louis C. Wyman Forestry Sciences Laboratory
271 Mast Road
PO Box 640
Durham, NH 03824

Elizabeth LaPoint


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Completion Time for Requests

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Average Completion Time
The time it took to complete requests in FY2003 has been explored. The following chart shows the number of weeks it took to complete requests, from first contact with SDS to sending the completed product. The total time shown includes that time taken up by negotiations with the requester and any lapses in communication that may have occurred. Over 67% of the data requests were completed within 4 weeks. Many requests taking more than 8 weeks went through multiple iterations to develop methodologies that met both requestors’ needs and security needs. There were a few requests that were held up while waiting for data from the FIA Units.

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