Richard A. Hallett



Research Ecologist

Educational Background

B.S., Forest Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1984
M.S., Forestry, University of New Hampshire, 1991
Ph.D., Natural Resources, University of New Hampshire, 1996

Research Interests

  1. Develop the capability to map forest canopy level cation concentrations using emerging remote sensing technology.
  2. Use maps developed in (1) to parameterize ecosystem models, assist with national forest land management planning, and assess ecosystem health at the landscape scale.
  3. Understand how the biogeochemical status of a given site may affect sugar maple health.

Current Research

  1. Extensive Databases and High Resolution Remote Sensing as Drivers for Models of Ecosystem Function: A Case Study of the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire.
  2. Assessing the effects of historical land use on forest productivity and response to climate change and CO2: A remote sensing, field, and modeling analysis of the White Mountain National Forest.
  3. Foliar chemistry as an indicator of forest ecosystem status, primary production and stream water chemistry.
  4. Regional Sugar Maple Study.

Selected Publications

Aber, J.D.; Magill, A.; Mcnulty, S.G.; Boone, R.D.; Nadelhoffer, K.J.; Downs, M.; Hallett, R. 1995. Forest biogeochemistry and primary production altered by nitrogen saturation. Water, Air and Soil Pollution. 85:1665-1670.

Magill, A.H.; Downs, M.R.; Nadelhoffer, K.J.; Hallett, R.A.; Aber, J.D. 1996. Forest ecosystem response to four years of chronic nitrate and sulfate additions at Bear Brooks watershed, Maine, USA. Forest Ecology and Management. 84:29-37.

Hallett, R.A. 1991. Nitrogen mineralization in forest soils after municipal sludge additions. M.S. Forestry Thesis. University of New Hampshire, Durham.

Hallett, R.A.; Hornbeck, J.W. 1997. Foliar and soil nutrient relationships in red oak and white pine forests. Can. J. For. Res. 27:1233-1244.

Hallett, R.A.; Martin, M.E.; Hornbeck, J.W. 1998. Predicting elements in white pine and red oak foliage with near infrared reflectance spectroscopy. Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy. 5:77-82.

Hallett, R.A.; Smith, C.T.; Bowden, W.B. 1999. Nitrogen dynamics in forest soils after municipal sludge additions. Water, Air and Soil Pollution. 112:259-278.

Hendricks, J.J.; Aber, J.D.; Nadelhoffer, K.J.; and Hallett, R.A. 2000. Nitrogen controls on fine root substrate quality in temperate forest ecosystems. Ecosystems 3:57-69.

Hallett, R.A.; Hornbeck, J.W. 2000. Managing oak and pine stands on outwash sands: Protecting plant nutrients. North. J. App. For. 17:57-61.

Horsley, S.B.; Long, R.P.; Bailey, S.B.; Hallett, R.A.; Hall, T.J. 2000. Factors associated with the decline-disease of sugar maple on the Allegheny Plateau. Can. J. For. Res. 30:1365-1378.

Ollinger, S.V.; Smith, M.L.; Martin, M.E.; Hallett, R.A.; Aber, J.D.; Goodale, C.L. In Press. Regional variation in foliar chemistry in soil nitrogen status among forests of diverse history and composition. Ecology.

Email Address


USDA Forest Service
Northern Research Station
271 Mast Road
Durham, NH 03824