NRS - RWU 4104

Last modified 08/24/2007

Work Unit Description


The title of this project has been "Measurement, analysis, and modeling of forest ecosystems in a changing environment". Our research has concentrated on developing, testing, and implementing techniques to sample, model, monitor, and analyze the effects of environmental factors, disturbances, and management on forest ecosystems. Previously, we worked on problems


Mechanistic analyses need to be  advanced to reduce uncertainty about the consequences of ecosystem management alternatives and to assess the consequences of a changing environment.


Techniques to scale up biophysical processes from the levels of organs and organisms to ecosystems and landscapes need to be developed.


Knowledge of underlying processes must be integrated into operational tools to provide quantitative methods for adaptively managing our forest ecosystems.


Within our new focus, we will continue to work on understanding forest productivity, respiration, allocation, and sampling and mensurational methods to further research on forest carbon stocks and sequestration.