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Last modified 11/09/2005

Proctor, Patrick; Heath, Linda S.; Van Deusen, Paul; Gove, Jeffrey H; Smith, James E. 2005.

COLE: A web-based tool for interfacing with forest inventory data.

In: McRoberts, Ronald E. and others, eds. Proceedings of FIA Symposium, North Central GTR. NC-252. St. Paul, MN; U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, North Central Research Station: 167-172.


We are developing an online computer program to provide forest carbon related estimates for the conterminous United State (COLE). Version 1.0 of the program features carbon estimates based on data from the USDA Forest Service Eastwide Forest Inventory database. The program allows the user to designate an area of interest, and currently provides area, growing-stock volume, and carbon pool estimates for states east of the Great Plains. The COLE program can be accessed at

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