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US Forest Service
Karl Dalla Rosa

1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC

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Final Maps

Summary Information

How This State is Using SAP

For continuing effectiveness in FSP strategic delivery, both components of the SAP should be updated. Implementing Web-DET will ensure the stewardship plan database will be continually current and centralized. The stewardship potential dataset will be updated as new, improved data becomes available, or as agency priorities and resource issues change.

The usefulness of SAP data goes beyond that of stewardship planning. The project has helped us to identify opportunities for improving delivery of landowner assistance and highlighted areas of continuing need. By weighting the layers according to resource issues and agency priorities, the data provides important areas of focus for many Forestry Division programs. Combining both stewardship plan location and stewardship potential with maps of other activities such as fuel reduction or forest restoration projects will help maximize total Forestry Division effectiveness in providing stewardship to Arizona's forest resources.


State Contact

Al Hendricks, Stewardship Coordinator
Arizona State Land Department Forestry Division
3650 Lake Mary Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86001-3255

Email: alhendricks@azstatefire.org
Website: http://www.azstatefire.org
Phone: (928) 774-1425


US Forest Service
Last modified February 12, 2009

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