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Forests and Grasslands

Three Forest Service regions are part of the pilot program called Integrated Resource Restoration. The program focuses on a land management approach that allows line officers to tackle on-the-ground work with more flexibility for better results.  Watch the video “Restoring Hope” then learn more about how we are working to make making a significant, workable change to managing you public lands. 

A still of forest service video Restoring Hope

RestorationMany folks visiting the Rio Grande National Forest are noticing a big change in the high elevation forests as literally millions of trees are succumbing to ...

Restoration is helping nature recover from degradation, damage and destruction. The goal is to re-establish a balance of nature needed for air, water, plants and animals to thrive.

WaterMonitoring streams and riparian vegetation is important. Here employees from several agencies attend a training in 2012 at Clarks Draw on the Bridge-Teton National Forest to learn how to evaluate stream channels for more effective land management. (U.S. Forest Service)

Water is one of the most important water resources flowing from national forests and grasslands, providing drinking water to more than 180 million people.

RecreationIce fishing is a popular activity on Fishlake National Forest in Utah. The agency manages the land for multiple purposes, including for a variety of recreational activities. (U.S. Forest Service)

Providing the greatest diversity of outdoor recreation opportunities in the world means working to balance the desires of recreationists with ensuring future generations have the same access.

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