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The "flying" coqui tree frog, a unique species found on the El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico, does not fly. Rather, it drops from trees to escape the wrath of predators, which lie in wait for the frog to climb the trees. (U.S. Forest Service)


  • Connect with Forest Service programs for kids
  • Enter the Smokey Bear Woodsy Owl coloring contest
  • Read about forestry science in the Natural Inquirer.


  • Ideas for the classroom
  • Professional development opportunities
  • USDA education materials
  • Multi-media tools

Natural Resource Professionals

  • Forest Service continuing education
  • Wilderness training
  • AgLearn and other professional education resources

Plants and Animals

  • Caring for wildlife
  • Bird habitats
  • Endangered species


  • How are trees beneficial to us?
  • What is harming your trees?
  • Tree tips

Our History

  • Read stories
  • Meet people
  • Delve into our history

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