Upper Kootenai Watershed Restoration


Situated in the northwestern corner of Montana, adjacent to the Canadian and Idaho borders, the Upper Kootenai Watershed is over 1.4 million acres. The Upper Kootenai Watershed (sub basin) has some of the most productive and biologically diverse forestlands in Montana.

The majority of the watershed is National Forest land, with more than 1,135,000 acres (79%) administered by the Kootenai National Forest. Private land makes up 18% of the watershed, with 84,000 acres in corporate timberlands and 160,000 acres in other private lands. The remaining 3% of the watershed is Montana State or U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land.


To protect, maintain and restore watershed health, aquatic and terrestrial habitat, and ecosystem condition through application of ecosystem management principles while providing for a range of uses, values, products and services.


Restoration Accomplishments in our First Year (FY2000)

       Removal of a dam and stabilization of the channel on Graves Creek, a priority bull trout stream.

       Stream improvement work accomplished on 17 miles of streams.

       Decommissioned 40 miles of road by removing culverts, bringing stream crossing to natural profile and recontouring some roads.

       Roadwork on 73 miles to replace undersized culverts, add 32 new culverts, install more drainage structures and out sloping roads to reduce sediment delivery to streams.

       Prescribed fire was used to enhance 3200 acres of wildlife habitat, 3700 acres of natural fuel reduction of which 990 acres were associated with the wildland urban interface.

       Approximately 28,000 acres were burned by wildfire in the Upper Kootenai. All fire lines and roads associated with these fires were rehabilitated to prevent any potential erosion.

       Treated 900 acres for noxious weed control.




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