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Firewood Permits

The firewood program requires that firewood be charged for at a rate of $5.00 per cord with a minimum charge of $20 per permit. However, free wood will still be available in some areas. The free wood will generally not be as accessible and/or as high in quality as the wood that requires a fee.

In order to insure that there will be enough firewood accessible to people for their personal use in the future, each family is limited to 10 cords per year except in unusual cases of need.

Some areas are closed to firewood cutting. The closed areas are primarily in wilderness and proposed wilderness areas, campgrounds, administrative sites, and in active timber sales. Please check the map inside this publication for the location of the closed areas.

Finally, firewood cutting is an important use of the National Forest. By following some common sense rules, you will be helping to keep the Forest productive, as well as helping to reduce the possibility of catastrophic fire in the future.


To Cut or Remove Firewood:

1. You must have a permit.

A valid firewood permit must be in your possession at all times when cutting firewood (BOTH charge and free-use) on the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Permitees wishing to use tractors, horses, cable systems or other than a pick-up truck, winch, chain saw or ATV, must check with their local district office and obtain written permission and attach it to the permit

2. Cut only where it is allowed. Check with your local District Office for any other areas not mentioned. See the "Firewood Map," available at the visitor center, for open, closed, and free-use areas.
Do not cut in campgrounds, administrative sites (guard stations), summer home areas, or other areas posted "NO FIREWOOD CUTTING."

Do not cut in active timber sales. These areas are:
a. Signed by yellow and black paper signs.
b. Contain trees with slashes or rings of orange, blue, yellow, or red tree paint.
C. Otherwise posted as an active timber sale.

Log decks are usually located along roads in active timber sale areas. These logs have been skidded and decked for hauling by the sale purchaser, and are not available for public use. Do not cut these log decks for firewood.

3. Cut stumps to 8 inches or less.

4. Maximum length for firewood is 8 feet. Each 8 foot length must have a diameter of 7 inches or less.

5. Do not cut wildlife trees. Standing, dead trees (snags) play a role in supporting wildlife populations in the forest. They are a source of food, nests, perches, and protective cover for many birds and mammals. Removal of snags for firewood purposes, must, therefore be carefully managed

6. Do not cut trees within 100 feet of streams, trails or roads.


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