USDA Forest Service

Independent Resources Enterprise Team


Team Leader:
Laurie A. Thorpe

Enterprise Program Director:
William Helin
Washington Office

Enterprise - Reinvention LabUSDA Forest Service United States Department of Agriculture

Manager, Black Hills National Forest (2007)

...the best, most focused, and successful facilitated exercise I may have ever seen. Great job!


Regional Recreation Fee Coordinator (March 2007)

More support, accolades, good comments and praises for Independent Resources who have been instrumental in REA training and the toolbox development.


Staff, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (February 2007)

This is outstanding! A web site that works, is easy to navigate, and has high quality information and links! Great work and congratulations to all involved in this effort.


Teri Cleeland, Washington Office, National Recreation Fee Coordinator (May 2003)

The success of the Golden Passport launch was due largely to your dedication, timeliness, creativity, and excellence in meeting our needs. You received rave reviews from the end users and did a terrific overall job. THANKS!!


Kniffy Hamilton, Forest Supervisor, Bridger-Teton National Forest (August 2004)

(To Vicky Jo Lawson, John "Fender" Diefenderfer, and Laurie A. Thorpe) I really believe that this exercise (Recreation Site - Facility Master Planning) was very good for all of us to ensure we are managing our sites within our budget, that they fit our niche and they are providing a service to the public. Your team was excellent and we are so glad you chose us to be a pilot project. Thanks for your leadership and involvement.



Dave Hacket, Washington Office, Developed Sites Program (August 2004)

It is a phenomenal experience to work with a team made up of folks like Fender (John Diefenderfer), Laurie A. Thorpe, Vicki Jo Lawson and indeed everyone involved. The mix of understanding, vision, pragmatism, commitment and rare talent they bring to the task is making this into something remarkably valuable to our clients, Forest Leadership Teams and the people of the United States. It is also incredibly satisfying.








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