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Team Leader:
Laurie A. Thorpe

Enterprise Program Director:
William Helin
Washington Office

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Tools for Business Practices

[GRAPHIC: Independent Resources Graphic]We are a small group of Forest Service professionals dedicated to making a difference in both the agency and the communities we serve. We help managers at all levels by:

  • Creating tools to successfully implement national policy.
  • Providing analysis of complex issues and dynamic environments.
  • Taking best practices and applying them to agency challenges.
  • Helping the agency better understand changing public demands.
  • Aligning agency programs and community values.

How to use Independent Resources

It's Quick and Easy!
  1. Describe your project.
  2. Work order for tasks is developed.
  3. Work order is signed.
  4. Work Begins!


Business Planning and Development
  • Analyze infrastructure including determination of operations, activities, compatibility, alternative uses, streamlining costs to achieve efficient use (Contact: Laurie A. Thorpe)
  • Objective Third-Party Monitoring & Assessment of activities to create defensible outcomes (Contact: Laurie A. Thorpe)
  • Develop goals & objectives; provide strategies to achieve benchmarks & develop metrics to measure accomplishments (Contact: Laurie A. Thorpe)
  • Analyze data for development of a business plan, launch new program, expand new market, determine potential growth. Develop market targets, identify variables (Contact: Laurie A. Thorpe)
Change Communications
  • Development of clear messages, communication tools and strategies for working with media and your legislative contacts. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Design collaborative workshops to determine viability considering market shifts and organization mission utilizing best business practices (Contact: Laurie A. Thorpe)
  • Build collaborative strategies using techniques such as appreciative inquiry, systems thinking, and group learning. (Contact: Laurie A. Thorpe)
  • Provide materials, training, facilitation, and follow-through for collaborative gatherings. (Contact: Laurie A. Thorpe)
  • As approved, provide platforms for e-collaboration needs such as mapping, document development, forum discussion, blogs, and media sharing. (Contact: Laurie A. Thorpe)
  • E-collaboration and collaborative mapping (Contact: Todd Harbin)
Community Partners Meeting Planning and Facilitation
  • Meeting management needs from securing a site to Federal Register notification to public comment management to recording and posting final meeting information. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
  • Partnership coaching and development including children's forests, urban connections and community development (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
  • Concise and specific plans to address communications and/or public participation goals for issues or projects. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
Content Analysis
  • Provide analysis and summary of public comments (Contact: Laurie A. Thorpe)
Database Development
  • Using the Citrix environment to maximize easy access to databases that support a forest's specific needs. (Contact: Todd Harbin)
  • Recreation Fee financial management, systems software, information management, strategy development, and program delivery. (Contact: Todd Harbin)
Database Management
  • Point of sale system management and support (Contact: Todd Harbin)
Database Population – FAUNA, INFRA, IWEB, NRIS
  • Infra data support - Recreation Sites, Trails, Recreation Special Uses and Wilderness (Contact: Todd Harbin)
Facilitation and Meeting Facilitation
  • In person, video, and conference call facilitation. Ensure full participation, moving through agenda, clear decision points, and strategic follow-through. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
  • Visually capture meeting content, brainstorming, decisions & strategy. Improves energy, participation, outcomes and follow-through. (Contact: Laurie A. Thorpe)
Forest Management Plans, Revisions, and Amendments
  • Forest Plan revision, role and contribution development. (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
GIS Services
  • GIS Specialty & Analysis: Asset Mapping, Data Management, FS standards, Metadata, Citrix environment, Google Earth, Infra, EDW & CDW Integration. (Contact: Todd Harbin)
Graphic, Computer Graphics
  • Create powerful and meaningful presentations that work for your audience and presentation style. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
  • With Photoshop, we can improve your photos to tell the story you desire. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
  • E-mail signature cards and templates for printing on business card stock (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
  • Provide original graphics for brochures, documents, interpretive materials, coloring books, etc. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
  • Provide interesting, clever and poignant cartoons. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
  • Provide multi-layered templates (intro, 'chapter', standard) to make your presentation stand out above the rest. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
  • Clear maps created in Power Point enable end users to modify and change when features on the map change. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
Interpretive Planning and Product Design
  • For brochures, signs, web and other interpretive materials (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
Market Research
  • Design, develop & review plans for a variety of revenue based activities. Develop strategies, identify partners, market research, financial projections/sources (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
National Recreation Reservation Service
  • NRRS ( services such as expertise in reporting including financial reports, inventory management, and toolbox management (Contact: Todd Harbin)
Publication Editor
  • Prepare internal agency messages, accomplishment reports or issue briefs. We use creative and plain writing techniques to improve your document. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
Recreation Planning Services
  • Specializing in REA to coordinate, organize & ensure accomplishment. Practical & successful approaches designed to implement national initiatives in the field. (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
  • Recreation Facility Master Planning / Recreation Facility Analysis processes producing outcomes to carry forward (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
  • Identify where a forest should focus to provide specific recreation opportunities providing quality experiences to the public. Sustainable program development (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
  • Recreation Lodging Studies (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
  • Values-based approach determining desired conditions, opportunities, settings & actions providing quality recreation experiences. (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
  • Support, coaching, facilitation and implementation of the national Framework for Sustainable Recreation. (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
  • Sustainable operations support, site design and implementation. (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
  • Recreation, Wilderness, Wild and Scenic River, and scenery specialist support. (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
  • IDT Leader for Recreation, Wilderness and W&SR projects (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
  • Outfitter-guide planning - needs assessments, capacity analysis, prospectus development and evaluation (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
  • Fee program management and coaching (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
  • Concessionaire prospectus development, evaluation (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
  • Fee proposal development - market analysis, public involvement, RRAC presentation (Contact: Rachel Franchina)
Section 508 Compliant Acrobat Documents
  • Webinar training that shares the tools you need to ensure all your electronic materials meet accessibility requirements. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
Strategic Planning
  • Develop/advise on feasibility of projects/programs, determine existing conditions, develop alternatives, recommend preferred alternatives (Contact: Laurie A. Thorpe)
  • Provide strategic thinking, advice and communications products for a variety of projects, plans and other events/issues. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
Web Site Development
  • Create web sites using standard .html/.css/.xml/.php Assist with logical layout, plain writing, 508 compliance, web graphics, and easy-to-find information. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
Web Site Maintenance
  • On-going web manager support to existing web sites. Includes plain writing, content development from provided information, 508 compliance, links, etc. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
Web Site Migration To The Portal
  • Training and web assistance in the national web portal. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)
Writing and Editing
  • Assist in taking your published documents through the GPO process. (Contact: Julie A. Cox)

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