Forest Service Handbook

pike and san isabel national forests

cimarron and comanche national grasslands (region 2)

pueblo, CO


fsH 1909.15 environmental policy and procedures handbook


chapter 30 categorical exclusion from documentation


Supplement No.: 1909.15-2001-2


Effective Date: April 15, 2001


Duration: Effective until superseded or removed


Approved: /s/ William A. Wood (for)


Forest Supervisor

Date Approved: 04/06/2001


Posting Instructions: Supplements are numbered consecutively by Handbook number and calendar year. Post by document name. Remove entire document and replace with this supplement. Retain this transmittal as the first page of this document.


New Document(s):




Superseded Document(s):

(Last supplement was 1909.15-2001-1 to Zero Code.)

Pages 31.1 through 31.4--6

14 Pages


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Removes obsolete Forest direction. Review and approval process is now in 1909.15 Zero Code.