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fsH 2409.18 timber sale prepartion handbook


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Supplement No.: 2409.18-2001-1


Effective Date: April 5, 2001


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Date Approved: 03/21/2001


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61.1 - Confidential Bid Information. Primary Timber Clerk is designated to be responsible for the custody of all bids submitted for timber sales. All bids will be retained under lock at all times. Prior to bid opening, the designated custodian will verify to the person designated to open bids that all bids are accounted for.


Alternate responsibility is delegated to Timber Resource Clerk.


62.2 - Opening and Review Bids. Primary Timber Clerk is responsible for maintaining bid bond accountability. (Refer to FSH 6509.11k, section 83)


Alternate responsibility is delegated to Timber Resource Clerk.