Colville Supplement 2409.18-1


Effective September 1989




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31.5 - 31.5--1                                                                                                     3







Standardizes ribbon flagging.




/s/ Edward L. Schultz


Forest Supervisor




Ribbon/Flagging Standard



1)   WHITE RIBBON will be used by all units for:

      A.  Plot centers

      B.  Traverse station

      C.  Profile stations

            Ribbon should contain written information for:

            (1) Purpose of ribbon

            (2) Date ribbon hung

            (3) Person responsible for hanging ribbon

            (Use white ribbon as needed without writing for intermediate points).


2)   BLACK STRIPE - Silviculture

      A.      Orange/Black                                Planting

      B.  Orange Glo (Flo. Orange) Black               Thinning and TSI

      C.      Red/Black                                     Site Preparation

      D.      Yellow/Black                                Stand Exams

      E.  Pink Glo (Flo. Pink)/Black          Tree Improvement and Cone


      F.      Blue/Black                                         Mistletoe Control


      Use white ribbon to designate an inspection plot center.  Use white as needed to designate lines between plot centers.


3.   SOLID COLORS - Timber

      A.  Blue                                               Partial Cut Unit

      B.  Yellow                                          Clear Cut Unit

      C.  Orange                               Cruise Line

      D.  White                                             Cruise Plot Center *

      E.   White                                             Logging System Profile


      * White in combination with orange for check cruise plot center.


4.      FLUORESCENT - Engineering/Landline

      A.  Flo. Pink                                         Rd. location (Recon. and Final)

      B.  Flo. Orange                                     Skid Road/Skyline Corridor

      C.  Flo. Red                                          Temp. Road/Tractor Go-Back Road

      D.  Flo. Pink w/L.L. printed in Black      Landline (Alternate color is solid



5.   WHITE STRIPE - Resources

      A.      Blue/White                                       Trails

      B.      Orange/White                               Fence

      C.      Yellow/White                               Mining

      D.      Black/White                                       Recreation Site Development


6)   POLKA DOT - Wildlife

      A.      Blue/White                                       Forage Enhancement Area

      B.      Orange/White                               Sensitive Plant or Animal Area

      C.      Red/White                                          Wildlife Enhancement (Blasting)


7)   MISC. COLORS - Fire

      A.      Red/White Stripe - Fireline and Flagline to fire

      B.  Flo. Pink w/Skull and Cross Bones - Danger


31.5 - Standardized ribbon color by department and function.


The following color standard shall be used for all ribbon/flagging applications on the Colville National Forest.  For applications not listed, any color or combination of colors not otherwise designated may be used.  All units shall adhere to this policy in order to reduce confusion and chance for error during project preparation.  Once the need for ribbon has past, it should be collected and removed.


This list of standardized ribbon colors is included by reference in the following handbooks and or manuals.


                  FSH 2209.22

                  FSH 2609.11

                  FSM 2330.0

                  FSM 2822.42

                  FSM 5134.0