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Exiting the mansion onto the Marble Court brings the visitor into an outdoor "room" created by walls of vines and shrubs. The nautical theme from the Sitting Room is continued in the swirls of marble, simulating ocean waves. Now up the stone steps for a real treat . . .


Photo of Grey Towers Marble Court




What in the world is this, a hot tub? Wishing well? Nope...a dining table! Called the Finger Bowl, it seated up to eighteen people and was designed as a natural extension of the house. Guests passed the potatoes by floating them over the water in wooden bowls. Hollow glass balls nudged along stranded courses. One turkey reportedly even sank to the bottom! After dinner, toy sailboats were given to the children. With a pergola covered by a lush Wisteria vine, dinner guests were kept dry even in a light rain. The Finger Bowl was, and still is, one of the most fascinating features at Grey Towers.


Now let's meander over to a couple of other interesting places . . .


Photo of the Fingerbowl






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