VolcanoCam News Blog

April 2009

Wednesday, 01 April @ 7:28 am PDT

Last month about this time we posted here, "Mount St. Helens weather is in transition as late winter refuses to release its grip on the volcano. The VolcanoCam Classic continues to function with no problems. We are hoping for a break in the weather this month so we can visit the JRO. Only then can we assess the problem(s) associated with VolcanoCamHD."

Well, here we are a month later, a month closer to Spring and nothing has changed. A winter storm warning is in effect today. A massive winter storm is here and is forecast to be here through the rest of the week. Snows in the Cascade Range are measured in feet accumulation. There are several icicles hanging from the eaves in front of the VolcanoCam Classic camera this morning. One has to wonder if today really is the First of April or are we in the movie "Groundhog Day" and reliving the same snows, the same cold weather and the same icy conditions again and again?