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Click here for a preview of the exhibit! (in Adobe Acrobat)

The conference will host an international exhibition, which will address the theme “Forests in Development: A Vital Balance.” The main objective of this exhibition will be to provide a meeting-place for all those involved in the forestry sector, thus contributing to further professional knowledge and to promote awareness of new and improved technologies for a sustainable management of forest ecosystems.

People and Forests: Seeking the Balance
The U.S. exhibit’s theme is “People and Forests: Seeking the Balance.” Under this theme are four emerging and relevant issues facing the forestry community in the United States: Community Forestry, Climate Change, Restoration and Ecosystem Services.

Exhibit Design Company
The exhibit is designed by Boothster, an eco friendly booth design company. The company’s goal is to make trade shows more sustainable by using recycled materials, biodegradable banner material, environmentally benign inks and other eco-friendly material. Even the shipping is made to from recycled or reused materials and is packed as light and air-tight as possible to decrease the amount of fuel burned to transport it.

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