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About the Program and Our Services
Who Can Participate?
Who Can Participate?
How to Apply?
Program Regulations
Pre-Entry and Arrival

International Visitor Program


Orientation Components

Please review handbook and orientation slides prior to scheduled orientation or appointment with the Responsible Officer.

Orientation Outline
Required Reading
Required Presentations
Orientation Quiz
Other Resources, Handbooks and Guidelines
24-Month Bar

1. US Forest Service International Programs J-1 Exchange Visitor Program

  • Overview of J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, Objectives, Roles
  • J-1 Exchange Visitor Program Categories, Eligibility, Suitable Activities
  • Understanding J-1 Status
  • Document Review – DS-2019, Passports, J-1 Visas, I-94
  • Travel outside the US- endorsements
  • Exchange Visitor responsibilities
  • Cross-cultural components – expectations
  • Educational Exchange activities – emphasis on activities which are and aren’t permitted
  • Maintaining Status – Insurance, Contact Information, Activities
  • Modifications to Program/Status
  • J-2 Dependents
  • Two-Year Home Country Physical Presence Requirement – 212(e)
  • Departure Requirements
  • Review and Completion of Forms
  • Resources – Who to contact, where to go

2. Orientation Quiz – Q&A – Discussion

3. US Forest Service and Forestry in the US (PowerPoint & Host Unit Presentation)

  • Forested Land in the US, History of Use, Development
  • History of US Forest Service
  • Current and Emerging Issues
  • Overview of International Programs
  • Importance of International Cooperation
  • Partnerships
  • Subject Areas and Countries involved in international exchanges
  • Program profiles
  • How to Contact International programs

Meet the US Forest Service (Host Unit Responsibility)

  • Review of the Structure of the US Forest Service and Roles of Units
  • Review of Role of International Visitor as related to US Government
  • Codes of Ethics – Research – Intellectual Property (US Forest Service Guidelines)
  • Diversity in the Workplace ( American Media Handbook for USG – by Kay duPont)
  • Sexual Harassment (American Media Handbook for USG – by Mike Deblieu)
  • Computer Security
  • Administrative Practices and Norms – Working hours, computer use, security, chains of command

Life in the USA – Practical Matters

  • Money Matters – Banking, Debit Card Program
  • Communication – Phone, Email
  • Housing
  • Legal Rights & responsibilities
  • Staying Healthy
  • Transportation
  • Safety & Security

Cultural Awareness

  • Cultural Adjustment Cycle, Culture Shock
  • American Culture – Values, Diversity, etc.

Open Q&A – Discussion – Individual Assistance

If you have any questions, please contact:
Brenda Dean, International Visitor Program Coordinator , Responsible Officer
Tel: (202) 219-9774
Fax: (202) 208-0873

Rima Eid, Program Specialist, Alternate Responsible Officer
Tel: (202) 208-3785
Fax: (202) 273-6570


Misty Sidhu, Program Specialist, Tax Specialist Tel: (202) 273-3324 Fax: (202) 273-4750 Email:

Kristin Corcoran, Program Specialist
Tel: (202) 273-4733
Fax: (202) 273-6570


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