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About the Program and Our Services
Who Can Participate?
Who Can Participate?
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International Visitor Program


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Information for Prospective International Visitors
Information for Host Units
Information for Participants (J-1 Exchange Visitor

Information for Prospective International Visitors

Thank you for your interest in visiting the US Forest Service or participating in programs sponsored by the US Forest Service and its official partners. The International Visitor Program staff provides services to host units that develop programs and extend official invitations to international visitors. Once participants are identified, we provide a number of services for those visitors. Depending on the nature of a particular visit or program, visitors receiving official invitations will be advised to apply for either a B-1 or J-1 visa.

Representatives of international governments or non-governmental organizations interested in initiating collaborative programs or projects are encouraged to contact the appropriate International Programs staff in the Technical Cooperation, Disaster Assistance Support Program, Migratory Bird Program and Policy units. Please provide a brief description of your organization and an outline of your objectives, proposed programs or activities, budget and timeframe for implementation.

Individuals interested in research, observation or technical visits should explore the US Forest Service website to identify areas and offices of interest. Contact them directly to discuss individual project and program proposals. Remember to send a completed International Visitor Application & Information Sheet, your resume, and an outline of your interests, objectives, proposed activities and dates. If a unit wishes to invite you to participate in a program, it will contact the International Visitor Program Coordinator to determine what visa classification is appropriate for the visit and complete and submit to International Programs the additional forms required for the application process.

Program participants who have already been selected for a program should click here for further instruction.

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If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Brenda Dean , International Visitor Program Coordinator, Responsible Officer, (202) 644-4640,
  • Rima Eid, International Visitor Program Specialist, Alternate Responsible Officer, (202)644-4642,
  • Kristin Corcoran, International Visitor Program Specialist, (202) 644-4643,
  • Misty Sidhu, International Visitor Program Specialist, (202) 644-4645,
  • Ashlee Jackson, International Visitor Program Specialist, (202) 644-4644,
  • Lee Blaser, International Visitor Program Specialist, (202) 644-4631,

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