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Report to the North American Forestry Commission Meeting
St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada
June 12 – 16, 2000

Table of Contents:

Summary of 1999 – 2000 Activities

The following activities were conducted during 1999-2000:

  • Expanded scientific and technical networks;
  • Held 6 conference calls and participated in 1 technical exchange;
  • Finalized proceedings from workshop;
  • Initiated work to translate workshop proceedings into Spanish;
  • Developed plan of work for FPWG.

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Scientific and Technical Network

Network During the previous two years, the participants in the various working groups:

  • Have been communicating with the other representatives from the various countries regarding working group issues,
  • Have discussed and prioritized the critical issues in the working group,
  • Are working on a plan of work to carry out the mission of the FPWG and;
  • Have looked for opportunities to work together. For example, the non-wood forest products working group have shared information regarding technical meetings dealing with special forest products

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Conference Calls and Technical Exchanges

Conference calls are the primary mode by which the members of the FPWG communicate. Conference calls occur every two months or more frequently depending on the level of activity. Some technical exchanges that have occurred over the past two years include:

  • U.S. representative gave a presentation at the International Forestry Exposition (EXIFOR) in Chihuahua, Mexico

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In June of 1998, the FPWG held an International meeting in Merida, Mexico. A proceedings, titled “North America Forest Products Working Group” has been published and contains the papers presented at this meeting. Copies have been distributed to all participants who attended the meeting. A copy of the proceedings is attached.

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The FPWG is working to translate the Proceedings into Spanish. This will facilitate the continued dialogue between the three countries on various technical issues impacting all three countries. The FPWG is asking the NAFC Board of Alternatives for funding to translate this proceedings into Spanish.

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Requests to NAFC

The FPWG is requesting funding support of $9,000 to cover translation, typesetting and printing of the North American Forest Products Working Group Proceedings. Attached is a copy of the English version of this proceedings. The FPWG believes that translation of this document into Spanish will increase the dissemination and use of this information in Mexico.

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Work Plan for FY 2000-2001

The working groups of the FPWG are actively involved in developing work plans for the next two years. Numerous topics have been listed and the working groups are prioritizing the list. Topics being considered include:

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Wood Products Standards

The working group is proposing to develop a trinational state-of-the-art paper that would discuss the following items:

1. Various wood products produced in each of the 3 countries
2. Species from each country
3. Current trends in use of wood products
4. Wood product standards for each country
5. “General” third-party inspection requirement

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Fiber Supply

The Working Group is proposing to develop a future paper that would focus on changing wood product demand and what this means in the demand for North American fiber supply. In addition, this Working Group is planning on meeting at the Western Forest Economics Meeting in Wemme, Oregon, May 8-10, 2000.

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Non-wood Forest Products

The Working Group is proposing to continue to explore organizing a trinational workshop on non-wood forest products. All three countries have had or are planning workshops on this topic. The FPWG has asked the representatives from each country to draft a summary executive abstract of their respective conferences and share this with the others in the Working Group, as well as the FPWG.

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The Working Group is primarily monitoring the activities on certification within their respective countries. The FPWG has asked the Working Group to prepare a yearly summary of the certification activities within their own country.

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