The International Institute of Tropical Forestry library was established more than 45 years ago. The library contains major publications on forestry, ecology, management and utilization of tropical forests and other documents and materials related to the tropical forests from around the world, but specializes in the New World Tropics.

The collection of bound monographs, journals, geographically referenced documents, research studies, reports, proceeding, historical books, photographs, aerial photographs and maps are used by a heterogeneous group of customers. The library also has videotape and slide collections available to staff and public.

The information located here is used as foundation material for studies conducted by students from local, national and international organizations; institute, and worldwide scientists; as well as general public.

The Library is staffed by dedicated personnel that provide the following services: document delivery, library loans to staff, requests for interlibrary loans, manual and electronic literature and information services, literature alert services and circulation and distribution of IITF's publications.