Transcript: Hi. I'm Val Mezainis and I want to welcome you to International Programs and the Forest Service. We're really glad that you chose to join our team. Our workplace as you'll discover is a collaborative, vibrant, entrepreneurial, and diverse place to work. We work hard, but we have a lot of fun doing what we do.

The goal of this training session, the new employee orientation program that you're about to undertake, will give you the necessary tools to not only be successful in International Programs but in Forest Service in general.

You'll learn how International Programs operates. You'll learn about our corporate culture, the priorities that we have, and the emphasis-the emphasis that we place on good communication, feedback, ownership, and good customer service.

You'll learn about the Forest Service in general, its mission, its rich, 100-year history, and the procedures and requirements that will help you better do your job.

I look forward to meeting you. You'll see that International Programs has an open-door policy. We need your active support and feedback on this program. The new employee orientation program was developed over the last year, and it literally is a work in progress. We need your help in making it better.

Gifford Pinchot, the first chief of the Forest Service, said there are only two things on the face of the earth: people and natural resources. There are very few jobs that any of us will have where we have an opportunity to impact on both of these things. In International Programs, you'll be working with people around the world to better their lives. You'll also be working on some of the major natural resource challenges that this globe faces-biodiversity, wilderness areas, looking at sustainable forest management. I look forward to working with you in International Programs.