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Requirements Checklist

This page includes action items that need to be accomplished before a new employee joins International Programs. Click each numbered link below to read about specific tasks for each action item.

  1. Supervisor prints the Pre-Reporting checklist
  2. Notify appropriate IP staff of new employee arrival
  3. Welcome new employee to International Programs
  4. Prepare employee's workspace
  5. Review employee's background and work experience
  6. Draft work assignments for the first 30 days
  7. Complete site feedback

1. Supervisor prints the Pre-Reporting checklist

Action items are color-coded:
Supervisor Action
New Employee Action
IP Staff Member Action
Supervisor Action
  • Choose the Print command from the File Menu to create a printed copy of this checklist for your reference.

2. Notify appropriate IP staff of New Employee Arrival
Supervisor Action
  • Notify unit staff of new employee's arrival first
  • Make an announcement at the general IP staff meeting that a new employee will be joining the office, explaining the new employee's background and roles/responsibilities in the office
  • Send an email to Operations, Outreach, Director's Assistant, Database consultant and METI liaison, and copy this link, www.fs.fed.us/global/employee_resources/neo/prereporting.htm#staff, in the body of the message to remind them of their tasks in preparing for the employee
  • Submit technical approval form to request computer hardware/software for the employee. http://fsweb.wo.fs.fed.us/irm/

IP Staff Member Action(s):
Director's Assistant
  • Configure and set up new computer for new employee based on start date, status: METI, new FS, or Transfer FS)
  • Notify FS/IRM to create a computer account for the new employee (this must be done at least Three weeks in advance of arrival)
    • Customer Help Desk-  create a SERVICE ticket request for ID Administration, Creation of a Profile
  • Create a new Forest Service profile and Lotus access for new computer users.
  • Provide employee with a Forest Service login  (this will come via Fed Ex from EUSC after service ticket has been created
  • Add new employee to IP’s pdl distribution list(s), both staff and unit
  • Create a personal folder at k:\ip\ipstaff\new employee name
  • Set up access rights to the K:\network folders:   IP, Unit Folder and Personal Folder create an Customer Help Desk ticket request
    • for example: Please give full access *(read, write, create, delete) to Jane Smith for the following folders:
      • K:\ip\
      • K:\ip\IPStaff\Jane_Smith
      • K:\ip\Cooperation
      • K:\ip\Cooperation\Africa
  • Prepare computer working station for new employee. If employee is transferring from another FS region- transfer preexisting data to laptop (including Lotus Archive). If new employee, configure Lotus.

Database Consultant

  • Provide an FS-IP Tools login and add any necessary roles in the All_Security Security Group
  • Provide a login to SQL Server, as necessary
  • Add as user of btsbti.net, as necessary
  • Pre-load support programs such ASPMail and Reg Setting, as necessary
  • Confirm location of employee workspace
  • Locate keys to cubicle filing cabinets, drawers, etc.
  • Set up a working phone and provide a phone number and voice mailbox access
  • Prepare USDA ID forms
  • Prepare Kastle Key
  • Order a travel credit card for new FS employees
  • Prepare calling card for new employee.
  • Add employee record to People database, including COOP calling tree

  • Update the IP phone lists
  • Update the web staff directory
  • Order a nameplate
  • Provide a First Day Survival Kit to the new employee's supervisor
  • Email new staff member file with business card template
  • Set up a snail mailbox
  • Enter the new employee into the Contacts database
  • Add employee record to the Contacts database
METI Liaison
  • Confirm that METI sends a New Employee orientation package and offer letter to the new employee
  • Contact METI to inform them of the new employee's Forest Service phone number and contact information

3. Welcome new employee to International Programs

Although FS Human Resources or METI will contact the new employee, the supervisor must also contact the new employee prior to his/her arrival at IP. Welcoming a new employee to the office will be the first real opportunity for the newcomer to gain a first impression of IP and exposure to the IP corporate culture.

Supervisor Action
  • Invite the new employee to attend an IP staff meeting in advance of his/her first official day
  • Send a welcome letter and package to the new employee, including job description (if available)

Welcome letter templates are provided in the Resources section of the website. Click here for the Forest Service welcome template and here for the METI welcome template.

Supervisor Action
  • For FS Employees: Place a follow-up phone call to the new employee to make sure he/she received the IP letter and welcome package and offer to answer any questions. Inquire if they received a letter from FS/HR. Reiterate directions to Franklin Court, security procedures, etc.
  • For METI Employees: Place a follow-up phone call to make sure he/she received the welcome letter, welcome packages from IP and METI, and offer to answer any questions. Make sure they understand the Forest Service--METI relationship and your role as the IP supervisor. In addition, explain that there is no difference in the way FS and METI employees are treated. However, there is a difference in the benefits package and other processes (travel, time sheets, etc). Make sure he or she understands the roles of the METI liaisons.

This is a great opportunity to tell the person what our office atmosphere/culture is like. Also, this is a chance for the supervisor to ask the new employee his/her familiarity with the computer and various software (for ex. Does he/she need training in Office XP?).

The supervisor also needs to explain to the new employee--especially if this is his or her first government job and the appointment was competitive--that there will be a 1-year probationary period. For more information on this, click here.

4. Prepare employee's workspace

Make sure the employee's workspace is ready before he/she arrives. This creates an impression that IP is a welcoming environment. Tips for getting the cubicle ready include the following.

Supervisor Action
  • Remove former occupant's personal items if necessary
  • Clean and organize workspace (cabinets, drawers, under the desk)
  • Provide some initial supplies (e.g., pens, pencils, stapler, paper clips, scissors, tape, post it notes, white out)

5. Review employee's background and work experience
Supervisor Action
  • Review the employee's background and work experience

You are responsible for introducing the new employee at the IP staff meeting. Familiarize yourself with the new employee's skills, knowledge and talents (Does he play the guitar? Is she a rock climber?)

6. Draft work assignments for the first 30 days
Supervisor Action
  • Prepare achievable work assignment(s) for the employee's first month, including definite completion date(s)

The work plan might be a phased approach (first day, first week, first month), or it could reflect a list of activities to be completed over the entire month period. Although the new employee will spend the first month basically getting to know the office, provide some substantive work assignments.

Supervisor Action
  • Assign some type of task or assignment that involves the new employee in a team effort in order to foster working relationships and to provide insights into office operations
  • Set up a schedule to meet often with the employee during the first month

Create an environment where questions are welcomed and addressed promptly. This initial planning process is vital for the new employee and will help you utilize the employee's skills effectively, identify training and challenges, and help you integrate the new person into IP.

7. Complete site feedback
Supervisor Action
  • What was your experience with the Pre-Reporting checklist?  What was helpful or effective?  What was missing or could be improved?  Email the NEO Team and let us know!  Thanks!

Congratulations! You should be ready to welcome a new employee to IP. Now that you have finished the Pre-Reporting checklist, you are ready to go to the Day One checklist.

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