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DASP: Emergency Response

Equipment and Supplies

Through a cooperative agreement between DASP and the BLM, staff at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise, Idaho assemble, cache and transport emergency equipment, Team Support Kits and related supplies to support USAID/OFDA teams as needed. NIFC also assists DASP by maintaining designated stock levels of DART Office Support Kits, Field Operation Guides, and Field Packs.

DASP helped USAID/OFDA develop a field support pack for staff members traveling to remote locations for extended periods of time. These Remote Location (RoLo) Kits contain a variety of critical items to support life and work in primitive environments including a tent, sleeping bag, water purifier, Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), utility knife, flashlight, and candles. In March 2008, BLM purchased supplies and built a total of 50 new RoLo kits which are now stockpiled at the NIFC Returns Warehouse in Boise. NIFC also helps to build, stock, and deploy smaller Field Support Kits for field team members traveling to less remote locations.

DASP can also purchase specialized supplies and equipment to meet specific operational needs. For example, in FY 2007 DASP procured and shipped fire protective clothing and equipment to Greece in response to severe wildfires. The equipment was accessed through the Forest Service Northern California Fire Cache in Redding, California and DASP coordinated with USAID/OFDA’s regional team for Europe, Middle East and Central Asia to arrange the shipment.

Disaster Assistance Support Program
Disaster Assistance Support Program
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