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Last Modified:  3/31/05

Step 4
Publishing Metadata

Once you've created your metadata the next step to take is to publish it on an available clearinghouse site. Below are some examples of published FGDC compliant metadata along with suggestions on how to go about publishing your metadata.

Clearinghouses are essentially a designated site that can be accessed by anyone via the world-wide web. For more information on clearinghouses, click HERE.

Publishing Metadata on an FSWEB Intranet Page

  • Build a Forest Metadata page in ".../fsweb" or subdirectory to contain links to metadata. (example) 
  • Place a copy of metadata records as HTML files in the same location 
  • Link Forest Metadata page to metadata records 
  • Examples 

Publishing Metadata on the Forest Service
FGDC Clearinghouse 

  • Contact GSTC, operator of the FGDC Clearinghouse node for specific instructions. 
  • You will need to provide them the xml files generated by the metaparser or Arc Catalog for each metadata record.

Publishing Metadata on an FS Internet Page

  • Build a Metadata page with local links to metadata records. 
    • Assume metadata reside in the same directory as the page or below.  Don't use extended paths in links. 
  • Create a directory(s) on your internet site on the Washington Office Server to house the metadata. 
    • It should be reside below the directory of your Forests Homepage. 
  • Copy the metadata page and the metadata data records as HTML files to your Forest's internet site using FTP. 
  • Make sure appropriate disclaimer are attached to metadata records. 
  • You can also place data as zipped ARC export files in the same location as the metadata 
    • Make sure the location is link in the metadata record.  See on-line linkage under Identification Information 
  • Examples 



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