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Last Modified:  2/2/15

Geospatial Advisory Committee Membership

Geospatial Advisory Committee Membership

The Committee will be comprised of a rotating membership of field and National Headquarters staff representatives and standing members with national geospatial responsibilities, a committee chair, and committee secretary. Geospatial Advisory Committee members are responsible for supporting the Geospatial Executive Board Charter and representing field users. Membership consists of:

Rotating Members:  

  • Ten representatives from the Regions of the National Forest System, Research Stations and the Northeastern Area of the State and Private Forestry Directorate. Regional membership will reflect a mixture of Regional Office, Forest, and District level representation, including technical, managerial, and line officers.  Station and Area membership will reflect similar organizational diversity;
  • Five representatives from National Headquarter staffs, including National Forest Systems, State and Private Forestry, and Research and Development.

The term of service for rotating members is three years.  One year following the establishment of the Geospatial Advisory Committee, one third of the membership will be rotated.  Thereafter, membership will be rotated by thirds annually, effective the first Monday of October.

Standing Members:

Eight representatives from:

  • National application development teams (4 members);
  • Geospatial and Remote Sensing technical centers (2 members)
  • The IRM GIS Technology Specialist, and
  • The National Fire GIS Coordinator. 

Committee Chair -- The Chair of the Geospatial Advisory Committee will be rotated annually and will be appointed by the Executive Board.  The Committee Chair serves as the Executive Assistant to the Geospatial Executive Board.

Committee Secretary -- the Chair shall appoint A Secretary to the Geospatial Advisory Committee.  The Committee Secretary supports the Geospatial Advisory Committee with meeting logistics, notes, and coordination of working groups and task teams and is a non-voting member. 

Working Groups -- The Geospatial Advisory Committee may propose working groups to address specific issues and develop recommendations.  The Committee will submit a charter defining desired outcomes or products, timeframes for completion, and resources to be made available to support Working Groups to the Geospatial Executive Board.  Working Groups will coordinate through, as well as provide updates and reports to the Geospatial Advisory Committee.



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