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Geospatial Advisory Committee
Last Modified:  10/18/16

About Us

Geospatial Advisory Committee Responsibilities

 In providing support to the Executive Board, the Geospatial Advisory Committee will:

1.   Identify, monitor, and address issues regarding the state of Forest Service geospatial programs and activities.

2.  Maintain knowledge of, and contacts with, the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) and other geospatial information entities.

3.   Develop and make recommendations concerning geospatial program execution and resources needed to meet corporate requirements.

4.   Communicate observations, findings, and recommendations.

5.   Make recommendations concerning the establishment of additional working groups or the holding of meetings necessary to further Forest Service geospatial goals.

6.   Invite representatives of other agencies, and non-governmental organizations to attend meetings and to participate in work groups when appropriate.


Geospatial Advisory Committee Business Operations

The Geospatial Advisory Committee will meet twice annually usually in the Fall and Spring.  At least one joint meeting will be held between the Geospatial Executive Board and Geospatial Advisory Committee.  Meeting minutes, recommendations, and results of chartered working groups will be presented to the Executive Board.

Geospatial Advisory Committee recommendations will be presented to the Executive Board as determined by the Board Chair and Executive Assistant.  The Geospatial Executive Board will be responsible for preparing an annual report for the Ecosystem Management Corporate Team.

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