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Student Employment in the Great Outdoors
The USDA Forest service has a host of opportunities for part-time and temporary employment for students. We offer a variety of internship, cooperative student opportunities and scholarships.

What could that mean for you? Well, an open door to the Great Outdoors; it's a fulfilling way to earn money, gain work experience, and do something good for our Nations natural resources-all while you continue your studies. And after graduation, you may discover that you have laid the foundation for a great Federal Career!!

Students are typically first employed under the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP). Those showing strong potential may be recruited as "student trainees" under the Forest Service's Student Career Experience Program (SCEP). For those selected as SCEPS, on completion of SCEP and degree requirements, students gain eligibility for conversion to permanent federal employment.

The Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) provides an opportunity for students to earn money, continue their education, train with professionals, and combine academic study with on-the-job experience. Work does not have to be related to the student's academic or career goals. Students may work part time when school is in session and full time during vacation periods. The one-year STEP employment can be renewed at the supervisor's discretion. A student does not need to be enrolled in the National Multicultural Initiatives to participate in STEP, but most students enrolled in the Initiatives begin their employment in the STEP.

The Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) is the primary source for external recruitment for entry-level hires in the Forest Service. SCEP provides work experience that is directly related to the student's academic program or career goals. SCEP students may be non-competitively converted to career, term, or career-conditional appointments. SCEP gives students exposure to public service while enhancing their educational goals. A student does not need to be enrolled in the national Multicultural Initiatives to participate in SCEP, but many students enrolled in the Initiatives eventually enter the SCEP. For more information, contact your local Forest Service Human Resources office.

For further information on student employment, visit your campus career center or your local National Forest office.

USA Careers Program - This link will aid you in the comparison of private sectior careers with government careers. The link is also helpful in understanding Federal employment.For more information about Permanent vacancies go to

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