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Presidential Management Fellows Program

Current Presidential Management Fellow positions

Contact us to learn about new openings or rotational opportunities.

Please access detailed position descriptions on OPM's PMF Talent Acquisition System.

1. Social Scientist. Northern Region - Ecosystem Assessment & Planning Staff. Missoula, MT. Hiring Manager: Karen Mollander (kmollander@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Nick Goldstein (nicholasrgoldstein@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will provide social science support to multiple forest plan revisions, including assessment, assistance in collaborative process design, and analysis of management effects on communities, cultures and tribes, and ecosystem services.

2. NEPA Planner. Mogollon Rim Ranger District - Coconino NF. Happy Jack, AZ. Hiring Manager: Linda Wadleigh (lwadleigh@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Sunny Ng (sunnywng@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will help with project planning and management of a private-public partnership that will restore a municipal water supply watershed, help develop a wild and scenic river management plan, and analyze and plan ecological restoration fuel reduction treatments. Work will involve NEPA Planning, grant management, partnership development, and meeting facilitation.

3. Communications and Diversity Outreach Specialist . Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Sparks, NV. Hiring Manager: Randy Swick (rswick@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Sunny Ng (sunnywng@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will help the Public Affairs Officer with community relations; media operations; information strategies; and connections with federal/state/local government officials, special interest groups, the public, legislators, tribal governments, etc. The PMF will also support the regional civil rights program by helping implement and maintain effective employment outreach and recruitment strategies.

4. Volunteer Services & Community Engagement Program Manager. Pacific Southwest Region. Vallejo, CA. Hiring Manager: Teresa Drivas (tdrivas@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Nick Goldstein (nicholasrgoldstein@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will be involved in implementation and oversight of the regional office’s Volunteer, Conservation Education and Interpretive Services Program. Specific duties include: preparation of work plans and budgeting, writing briefing papers, community outreach and relationship building, and developing and maintaining conservation education partnerships.

5. ID Social Science/Natural Resource Specialist. Sweet Home Ranger District, Willamette NF. Sweet Home, OR. Hiring Manager: Amanda Colton (arcolton@fs.fed.us) or Cindy Glick (cglick@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Nick Goldstein (nicholasrgoldstein@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will closely with a broad array of stakeholders and partners through the South Santiam All Lands Collaborative (SSALC), acting as a liaison between the SSALC and the Forest Service. The PMF will also be the lead community and NEPA planner for two landscape restoration projects with an emphasis on working with local tribes.

6. Natural Resource Specialist. Southern Region. Atlanta, GA. Hiring Manager: Rachel Smith (rachelcsmith@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Kelly Balcarczyk (kellylbalcarczyk@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will be involved in program management, workforce development, strategic planning, website development, partnership development and outreach. Specifically, the PMF will promote and manage the Women and Veterans in Fire Program, and develop and deliver organizational strategies to continue the implementation of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy.

7. Joint Chief's Collaborative Coordinator. Wayne National Forest. Marietta, OH. Hiring Manager: Anthony Scardina (ascardina@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Sunny Ng (sunnywng@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will coordinate interagency inventory, management and monitoring of oak-hickory forests in southeastern Ohio to improve efficiency and effectiveness for landscape scale management of oak-hickory forests. Specific duties include: assisting in the coordination of science frameworks and integrated inventories, building interagency relationships, preparing communication tools, and assisting with outreach to private woodland owners.

8. Forest Inventory and Analysis-Natural Resource Specialist. Pacific Northwest Research Station. Portland, OR. Hiring Manager: Sharon Stanton (sharonmstanton@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Kelly Balcarczyk (kellylbalcarczyk@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will support a Pacific Northwest Forest Inventory and Analysis Unit team which is responsible for summarizing large comprehensive databases, writing summary reports, and distributing information and data (technology transfer) through workshops, websites, and outreach events.

9. Engineer. White Mountain National Forest. Campton, NH. Hiring Manager: Scott Lees (wslees@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Nick Goldstein (nicholasrgoldstein@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will provide engineering support to a variety of program areas including roads, trails, bridges, facilities and dams that support watershed restoration on the White Mountain NF as part of the Two Chief’s Initiative as well as other general engineering support.

10. Hydrologist/Soil Scientist/Ecologist. Prescott National Forest. Prescott, AZ. Hiring Manager: Michael Kellett (mkellett02@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Kelly Balcarczyk (kellylbalcarczyk@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will be involved in implementation of the Healthy Forest Restoration Act, program management, strategic and budget planning, grant management, and partnership development. Specific duties include: data collection and preparation of technical specialist reports and briefing papers, participating in community organizations regarding regional water use and water quality issues, and participating in natural resource management decision-making.

11. Natural Resource Specialist. Washington Office-Wilderness/Wild & Scenic Rivers. Washington, D.C. Hiring Manager: Sue Spear (sspear@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Nick Goldstein (nicholasrgoldstein@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will serve as a program specialist, providing a high level of program and analytical support to management in the development and coordination of wilderness and wild and scenic rivers management efforts. The PMF will help ensure that all information, programs, and activities carried out in the staff unit are consistent with goals and objectives.

12. Assistant Program Lead for Land Adjustments. Pacific Southwest Region. Vallejo, CA. Hiring Manager: Norman Noyes (nnoyes@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Nick Goldstein (nicholasrgoldstein@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will be involved in implementation and oversight of the Region’s Landownership Adjustment Program. Specific duties include: assisting in preparation of technical program of work plans and budgeting, writing briefing papers and reports, collaborating with state, federal and local partners to improve cooperative development of the goals of land stewardship.

13. Research Biologist/ Ecologist. Rocky Mountain Research Station -Grassland, Shrubland and Desert Ecosystems Science Program. Albuquerque, NM. Hiring Manager: Deborah Finch (dfinch@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Sunny Ng (sunnywng@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will be involved in collaborative research studies focused on the strategic priorities defined in the Research Station Business Plan and Strategic Framework, especially restoring resilient landscapes and disturbance ecology. The PMF will engage in project management, strategic prioritization, budget planning, grant writing and management, research panel process, partnership development, and professional society meetings.

14. Assistant Regional Social Scientist. Southwestern Region- Ecosystem Assessment & Planning Staff Albuquerque, NM. Hiring Manager: Bob Davis (bdavis03@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Kelly Balcarczyk (kellylbalcarczyk@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will serve as the social scientist on an interdisciplinary team that provides support to eleven national forests on forest plan revision and NEPA projects. The PMF will coordinate with other staffs to address social, cultural and economic issues associated with forest planning, including sociology, archeology, tribal relations, recreation, lands, economics, multiple uses, and environmental justice.

15. Recreation and Lands Planner. Deschutes National Forest. Bend, OR. Hiring Manager: Yewah Lau (ylau@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Kelly Balcarczyk (kellylbalcarczyk@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will work with partners on larger scale projects across the forest. Specific projects would include: coordinating an integrated recreation, vegetation management, and fuels reduction project, leading a forest-wide outfitter and guide needs assessment, leading a trails master planning effort, helping to establish a revised carrying capacity in the Upper Deschutes Wild and Scenic River Corridor.

16. Environmental Scientist/ Biologist. Angeles National Forest. Arcadia, CA. Hiring Manager: Jamie Uyehara. (juyehara@fs.fed.us) PMF Contact: Sunny Ng (sunnywng@fs.fed.us).
The PMF will work as one of two Forest representatives on a team to write the San Gabriel Mountains Monument Management Plan, implement and coordinate integrated projects with partners, and ensure inventory data and management effects are incorporated into databases.

17. Hydrologist/ Geologist. Angeles National Forest. Arcadia, CA. Hiring Manager: Jamie Uyehara. (juyehara@fs.fed.us) PMF Contact: Sunny Ng (sunnywng@fs.fed.us).
This PMF will work with partners and permittees on reclamation, mitigation, and sediment removal/restoration projects. The PMF will also coordinate between internal staff, staff from other agencies, and partners in accomplishing NEPA and implementation on a variety of projects, such as road reconstruction.

18. Program Coordinator, Washington Office Fire and Aviation Management; Washington D.C.; Hiring Manager: Dan Olsen; Position contact: Drag Sharp dragsharp@fs.fed.us; PMF contact sunnywng@fs.fed.us
The PMF will assist the Deputy Director to provide strategic program monitoring and coordination for Fire  and Aviation Management’s projects, including assisting in standing up an inaugural task force of young agency professionals with the intent to develop mechanisms at every level that ensure our workforce values diversity of thought and backgrounds, innovation, and effective mentorship.

19. Strategic Management Analyst, Washington Office Fire and Aviation Management; Washington D.C.; Hiring Manager: Dan Olsen; Position contact: Drag Sharp dragsharp@fs.fed.us; PMF contact sunnywng@fs.fed.us
The PMF will facilitate communication between Aviation and Planning and budget personnel in support of vehicle fleet modernization efforts. Specifically, the PMF will help generate required documentation, analysis, and communication products. This position will also provide analytical support to better understand the financial impacts of modernization on the Fire and Aviation Management portfolio.

20. Interdisciplinary Soil Scientist/Hydrologist, Wayne National Forest. Nelsonville, OH. Hiring Manager: Anthony Scardina:  (ascardina@fs.fed.us). PMF Contact: Sunny Ng (sunnywng@fs.fed.us).
The PMF serves as a soil scientist/hydrologist with responsibility for conducting and interpreting hydrologic surveys, soil surveys and analysis, watershed and soils rehabilitation and management planning, and providing technical guidance within the framework of multiple-use management of forest and range lands.

21. Landscape Architect, Washington Office Recreation, Heritage and Volunteer Resources; Washington D.C.; Hiring Manager: Robin Morgan (rmorgan@fs.fed.us); PMF Contact: Nick Goldstein (nicholasrgoldstein@fs.fed.us).                                                              
The PMF will provide leadership in development and transfer of data, tools, and processes for implementing sustainable recreation plan component requirements for Forest planning. The PMF will act as data delivery and standards liaison to Forest Service units, and assist in connecting Recreation, Heritage and Volunteer Resources programs with visitors, community stakeholders and recreation providers in the National Forests and Grasslands.


Forest Service PMF Program
and Opportunities

Forest Service PMF Program Mission

The USDA Forest Service's (FS) Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) program aims to attract highly qualified persons with graduate degrees from a variety of academic disciplines and to prepare these individuals to be effective leaders and managers. The program should enhance the diversity and quality of the FS workforce and provide a cadre of highly qualified candidates to further the agency's mission.

“I am thrilled that we in the Forest Service are doing another round of hiring of Presidential Management Fellows. In recent years we have grown our PMF program into a critical part of our succession planning, talent acquisition, and leadership development. We specifically seek to give our PMFs significant responsibilities and broad exposure to the work that we do. It's been a worthwhile investment. We now have a vast network of PMF alumni doing a wide range of valuable work for our Agency. To a very large degree, the success of our program has been due to the contributions of the PMFs themselves. I know of no other Federal agency that has directly engaged PMFs themselves in the management of its PMF program to the extent that we have done in the Forest Service. If you are a PMF finalist, and you think you might be interested in the exciting work we do in the Forest Service, I encourage you to give our program a close look.”

Mary Wagner, Associate Chief of the Forest Service

Why Join the Forest Service as a PMF?

As a PMF you will get support from all levels of the agency throughout your career. The program is respected within the agency and the department. When you are hired, you will be paired with at least two PMFs from the previous year's class to help you get started. You also get to choose senior level mentors soon after you join to help guide you through the fellowship and throughout your FS career.

Each fall, new FS PMFs are invited to an orientation in Washington, DC to meet as a cohort, network with other FS employees, learn about opportunities as a PMF, and about the agency as a whole. People in your cohort will be great resources and friends throughout your Forest Service career.

The Forest Service PMF program is unique in that it is largely managed by the fellows themselves in collaboration with an Advisory Board. Through your work on PMF program committees, you will have opportunities to form relationships with PMF alumni and people throughout the agency.

“The improved quality of life provided through public lands stewardship is something my family and I have experienced personally. I can think of no more rewarding professional mission.”

Karl Malcolm (PMF Class of 2011), Wildlife Ecologist – Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air, and Rare Plants Program – Washington, DC

PMF Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides leadership and oversight of the FS PMF program to:

  • Develop vision and strategic direction of the PMF program to facilitate the Forest Service mission and goals;
  • Increase agency-wide awareness and support;
  • Ensure quality experiences for interns, host staffs, and the agency; and
  • Monitor and address emerging issues.

The Advisory Board is composed of FS leadership from various locations and deputy areas, including many past PMFs as well as senior-level leaders. The Advisory Board supports PMFs throughout the 2-year fellowship. Many also serve as PMF mentors.

“Not only is the PMF program well-known by leadership within Forest Service but the support network is fantastic. I don't think you would encounter the same level of enthusiasm for the program in other agencies.”

Katie Frerker (PMF Class of 2012), Conservation Education Coordinator – International Institute of Tropical Forestry – San Juan, PR

PMF Committees

The PMF committees were developed to meet the needs of fellows as well as potential and current supervisors. Committees keep the PMF program running smoothly by organizing recruitment and orientation for the next cohort, helping PMFs through the conversion process, and organizing trainings and projects. Committee membership and leadership change annually, with committees selected by the incoming cohort during orientation.

There is flexibility for each cohort to leave its legacy. The 2012 PMFs worked with the Advisory Board to initiate a cohort project focused on wood energy. Committee work expands PMF's skills and networks, and builds camaraderie in the cohort.

“You'll hear talk about the ‘Forest Service family,’ and you really do experience that as a PMF. People are committed to the Forest Service mission and share strong bonds.”

Becky Blanchard (PMF Class of 2012), Natural Resource Specialist – Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail Program – Everett, WA

Rotations & Training

FS supports rotations and trainings for PMFs, as they are both requirements to successfully complete the program. PMFs have done rotations within the FS, as well as with other agencies and non-profits. This is something you will discuss with your supervisor once on board as part of your individual development plan.

There are many training opportunities available to FS employees. Examples of popular PMF trainings include congressional briefings, appropriations law, NEPA, and wildland fire.

Careers Beyond the Fellowship

Over the last 30 years, about 70% of FS PMFs have stayed in the agency. PMF alums now work in almost all areas. Some examples of positions that PMFs have converted into include Partnership Coordinator, Deputy District Ranger, Forest Ecologist, Recreation Planner, Regional Social Scientist, Climate Change Specialist, and Sustainable Operations Coordinator.

While some agencies hire PMFs to fill specific positions that will be vacated due to retirement or other factors, FS offers PMFs the flexibility to build careers that fit each fellow's interests and goals. Throughout the fellowship, PMFs work with supervisors and mentors to target potential conversion opportunities and get the experience and training to qualify. FS emphasizes continued learning and encourages training, shadows, details, and stretch assignments at all career stages.

Current Openings

The Forest Service completed most open hiring for 2015 PMFs. See our list of positions below or on OPM's TAS site.

For information about rotations or conversion for current PMFs contact us.

The Forest Service, Future Leaders Growing Future Leaders, was selected as one of the Top 50 programs for the Harvard Innovations in Government Award in 2008.

Search Forest Service and OPM websites for additional information



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