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Presidential Management Fellows Program

Presidential Management Fellows Program
Questions to Ask a Prospective Employer During Your PMF Job Hunt

  1. How does the PMF program fit into your agency's recruiting and hiring goals?
  2. Is this the position where I can expect to be hired at the end of the two years?
  3. What is the full performance level of the position? What is the highest grade I can expect to reach in this position?
  4. When would be the earliest/latest that I could start work in this position?
  5. Do you encourage rotations? Outside of the organization? How many rotations can I expect to fit into the two years, and what will their duration be?
  6. What sort of training opportunities should I expect during my time as a PMF?
  7. Are all of the PMFs from this organization expected to attend the OPM Shepherdstown session together?
  8. Do you have a mechanism to ensure that each PMF fulfills their obligatory 80 hours of training per year?
  9. Have any PMFs in your organization had particularly interesting or noteworthy training experiences?
  10. Does the position you are offering provide opportunities to travel? Inside the United States or overseas? How often?
  11. Does your organization have a dedicated PMF program coordinator?
  12. How would you describe the role of your agency's PMF coordinator?
  13. What percentage of their time do they spend on the PMF program?
  14. Are they available during the rotation to help PMFs with the administrative details concerning training, rotations, promotions, leave, conversion, and other things?
  15. What would you identify as the strengths of your agency's PMF program?
  16. What would you describe as its weaknesses?
  17. What proportion of PMFs hired by your organization complete the two years as PMFs and then covert to permanent status?
  18. What proportion of PMFs who converted in your organization are still with your agency?
  19. What would PMFs from your organization tell me about your PMF program if they were speaking candidly?
  20. Could you give me the name and phone number of a current or former PMF who has served in your office who I could talk to about this position?
  21. Could you describe the security clearance process for your agency?
  22. How long can I expect the full clearance process to take?
  23. Can I begin work with a partial or interim clearance?

Become a Forest Service PMF

  • USDA Forest Service & the PMF Program Quick Questions

  • Forest Service PMF Program Information Sheet

  • Current PMFs in Action brochure

  • Events and Updates

    • Congratulations, 2015 PMF Finalists!
    • For more information on working with the Forest Service in one of our 2015 PMF positions, or for rotational openings, visit our opportunities page.
    • Interested in becoming a 2016 PMF? Check the OPM website for information on the 2016 application period.

    Search Forest Service and OPM websites for additional information



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    Last modified March 22, 2012