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Presidential Management Fellows Program

Presidential Management Fellows Program
2015 Recruitment & Job Fair Information

Application and Nomination Process

Presidential Management Fellows (PMFs) are identified by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) through a national competitive process that includes 1) application through USA Jobs, and 2) participation in an two-stage, OPM-administered assessment. 

The Forest Service is committed to attracting capable and diverse graduates. If your college or university does not yet have resources in place, these resources should help you communicate the value of the PMF program to your department head or dean.

  1. OPM's information for Academia, including presentation, and flyer.
  1. If you are interested in having someone contact or visit your college or university about career opportunities with the Forest Service through the PMF program, please contact us.

Preparation for the Job Fair

  1. The OPM-sponsored job fair for Presidential Management Fellows will be scheduled for Spring 2015 in Washington DC.  Check back for more information on the job fair after the 2015 finalists are announced!
  1. Search the jobs database early and often.
  1. Contact potential employers (from the jobs database, our website, and your own professional networks) and set up interviews by phone or (preferably) in person. Many agencies, including the Forest Service, work very quickly to fill positions. Thus, it is highly advantageous to make contact with potential employers and set up interviews well before the job fair.
  1. Review these questions to ask a potential employer during an interview.
  1. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact a member of the Forest Service PMF Recruitment Committee:

    Kelly Balcarczyk, Nature-based Tourism and Economic Development Specialist, Montgomery, AL
    Nick Goldstein, Management Analyst, Washington, D.C.
    Sunny Ng, Natural Resource Specialist, Washington, D.C.

    You can also contact other current or former PMFs with questions.

Visiting DC

Be sure to plan ahead for your visit, especially if you will be traveling long distances. If this is your first time in DC (or even if it's not!), these details on travel, hotels, and things to do should be helpful.

Become a Forest Service PMF

  • USDA Forest Service & the PMF Program Quick Questions

  • Forest Service PMF Program Information Sheet

  • Current PMFs in Action brochure

  • Events and Updates

    • Congratulations, 2015 PMF Finalists!
    • For more information on working with the Forest Service in one of our 2015 PMF positions, or for rotational openings, visit our opportunities page.
    • Interested in becoming a 2016 PMF? Check the OPM website for information on the 2016 application period.

    Search Forest Service and OPM websites for additional information



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