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Special hiring emphasis Nov 2000-March 2001:  Fire Fighting and Fire-related jobs

The USDA Forest Service is people. With approximately 29,500 permanent employees and a temporary work force which typically exceeds 15,000 workers in the summer, the Forest Service is one of the Government's major conservation organizations. The agency manages 191 million acres of federal lands, assists state and private landowners, conducts research, and works with international countries and organizations to build a safer, cleaner and more productive world. Employees are stationed at over 900 separate work locations. Most locations are in the national forests, but many employees work on college campuses, at research laboratories, or in office buildings in cities or towns.

The largest occupations are forestry technician (about 7,000 employees) and forester (about 4,000), but the agency employs over 200 separate occupations including accounting, aircraft pilots, archeology, civil engineering, clerical, computer, ecology, human resource development, hydrology, law enforcement, nursing, personnel, public affairs, soil conservation, surveying, teaching, wildlife biology, and many other occupations.

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