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For Parents

Our Next Great Forester May Be Living Under Your Roof
Does your child have an affinity for all things natural? Does your child seek opportunities to be a part of, or preserve nature? Is your child an avid outdoor activity-seeker who seeks to learn more about natural ecosystems? Does your child have a special interest in animals and plant life? Love to fish? Love camping? Is your child drawn to spending time in nature and wilderness areas? You might think your son or daughter's affinity may be a perfect match for a career in the Forest Service. We're excited that you think so.

The reality is that jobs in the Forest Service are extremely competitive and require considerable study and hard work. We recommend that you and your child explore the For College Students, For High School Students, Volunteer and Seasonal/Temporary sections of this website so that you may agree that a Forest Service career is the right match for him or her.

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For College Students

Apply What You've Learned in the Classroom to a Career Working for the Great Outdoors
Do you want to be a forester, a range management specialist or a biologist? You've come to the right place.

As a college student interested in a career with the Forest Service, no doubt you've already begun a rigorous course of study in forestry, forest management, ecology, botany, biology, wildlife and fisheries management, or other related natural resource fields.

Congratulations, you're well on your way.

But jobs with the Forest Service are extremely competitive, and you can help make yourself stand out as a candidate by working as a volunteer with the Forest Service. You might even check with your school to inquire if college credit can be earned by volunteer work in your chosen field of college study. Many of our units work directly with university career centers, faculty, and advisors. Explore the student programs offered by the Forest Service. You might also consider looking for student opportunities in organizations who regularly partner with the Forest Service. You may link to several from the extensive mission and programs that are described on the Forest Service website.

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For High School Students

It's Never Too Early to Start Working Toward Your Goal
Do you want to be a forester, a firefighter or biologist? The Forest Service has plenty of opportunities for you.

A career with the Forest Service allows you to do well and do good. Here, you'll be in a professional work environment while allowing you to develop your skills while working toward a mission that means good things for American citizens.

If you're still in high school and you already know that you're interested in a Forest Service career, you're well ahead of the game. Competition is fierce for careers in the Forest Service, but by preparing yourself now, you can make yourself a very attractive candidate.

If you're planning to attend college, look for colleges and universities that have programs in biology, ecology, forest management, forestry, botany, or other related natural resource fields. Or, ask your guidance counselor to help you by recommending appropriate colleges for you to consider.

If college is not in your immediate career plan, but a love of nature and desire for hard work to preserve the environment draws you, the Forest Service has work that does not require a full college degree. If hands-on technical and practical support work in the great outdoors motivates you, the most important thing you can do is gain the type of exposure and work experience that can help you get hired in the Forest Service.

Volunteering for the Forest Service is an excellent way to gain experience and get to know people within the organization. Or, consider participating in an intensive summer program or volunteer with other organizations that partner with the Forest Service. For information about intensive natural science and forestry programs, ask your guidance counselor. For information about student employment programs with the Forest Service, ask your guidance counselor or contact a local Forest Service unit.

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Student Employment

Student Employment with the Forest Service
The Forest Service offers a host of opportunities for part-time and temporary employment for students. We also offer internships, student opportunities and scholarships for promising student candidates.

The Forest Service Pathways Program provides unparalleled opportunities for you to learn what it's like to work for the Forest Service, while gaining valuable first-hand work experience and earning money.

For information about student employment with the Forest Service, ask your academic advisor or contact a local Forest Service unit.

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