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Marcus Warwell

I'll tell you a secret. I didn't want a career in natural resources. I was actually leaning towards a career in the military. It was my positive experience as a student research assistant for the Forest Service that made me change my mind about natural resource management. I really recommend taking advantage of school and summer programs. They're a great way to gain experience and make contacts within the Forest Service.

Every day, I study how forest trees adapt to their environment from generation to generation. I travel around the country to observe natural forests and collect seed specimens. In the spring and summer, I spend most of my time outside planting those seeds. Once winter arrives, I analyze the data from my field observations and function more as an academic. My work helps resource managers make the best land-management decisions they can.

I look forward to every day at work. I enjoy interacting with my co-workers. Sometimes when I turn in my timesheet, I'm surprised to see how many extra hours I've worked. Every so often, my work leads to a sense of discovery. That's why I've stayed here 10 years.



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USDA Forest Service
Albuquerque Service Center
Human Resources Management
4000 Masthead Street NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
(877) 372-7248 (Option 2)